Room Decorating Time Ganz Anders

room decorating view of Eiffel Tower Paris

What has to do the beautiful panorama with which to decorate rooms?

It is said that the most beautiful and important moments in our lives they are calculated, that leave us breathless. Not for nothing, breathtaking views are something that moves us so strongly. Perhaps many prefer photo wallpapers precisely, when you decorate your room. Nothing can compare themselves but with a real panorama, which you can enjoy with all your senses from the window or the balcony. No wonder that hotel rooms with sea view or apartments with mountain views are always much more expensive and coveted by all.

Colourful life on the Amalfi coast in Italy

room decorating views sea Amalfi Coast Italy

Look at a few examples of rooms with stunning views. It is hotels, residences, villas and private homes. The environment is an incomparably beautiful and acts as an all natural room decoration. This effect is often achieved through floor to ceiling Windows, transparent glass roofs or cosy terraces. A room with a view can no longer be perceived without it. The panorama is an important part of the institution, although it is actually out there.

Exotic dream panorama on the island of St. Lucia

room decorating dream panoramic sea views of St Lucia

This direct connection with the outside world is a valuable asset to anyone who is in the room or on the balcony. A picturesque natural scenery has a calming effect and spread a cheerful mood at the same time. The unlimited perspective of a sea view gives a feeling of infinite freedom, however, and can be unverhindert the soul. Forest houses whose Windows you can watch and also wild animals are no less irritating.

Like for example here in sweet Africa

room decorating views elephant South Africa

A contradiction should not necessarily be to sleep in the open air and enjoy a luxurious, cosy atmosphere. Many prefer to have glass dome roof. In this case there is sufficient sunlight on the day and in the evening the stars provide an extraordinary, romantic atmosphere in the room.

It is also this House owners in Finland

room decorating view glass roof Finland

Enjoy you the remaining moods and impressions that you get mediated by these images and be amazed with. What panorama would like every day after getting up before your very eyes? Are you more of the sea or the mountain type?

Misty and mystical in the Scottish forest

room decorating view of nature forest Scotland

Dream home on the Pacific Ocean in California, United States

room decorating views Ocean dream home California

The majästätischen mountains of Ecuador

room decorating views bedroom Ecuador

Experience a winter wonderland in the Switzerland

room decorating views snow mountains Switzerland

Or remain quite cozy by the fireplace

room decorating mountains Zermatt Switzerland

Enjoy the nature with its fullest

room decorating Switzerland mountain panorama attic

Top admired “Big Apple”

room decorating city panoramic New York

Have you ever dreamed of a holiday home in Australia?

room decorating dream panorama Australia Ocean

Or rather at the extensive forests of America?

room decorating Waldhaus USA

Elegant Scandinavian design and proud mountains in Norway

room decorating the forests of Norway