Room Of The Day: Living Room, The One Can Hardly Imagine

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room colourful flooring flower pot

Convert garage into living space

Kimberly Saunders DuBose is the designer, which was set in Wilmington, Northern California for a very special project of ethylene. You should convert a garage in comfortable living area. You can certainly say that presented their designer properties and their art talent to severe test.

The man who owns the apartment above the garage with two cars, eventually acquired the entire building. At the sweetheart he moves with bike, that’s why he has hired DuBose for it, to integrate the garage area in the living room. It provided you a rather limited budget. Much paint and varnish came into usage, so this room is used not only as a storage space and for exercises, but that even have a very inviting atmosphere.

The rooms of the day

room closet shoes door

This picture here shows the character of the room before the conversion said nothing. As the principal of DuBoss purchased the apartment, it has immediately decided to convert one of the garage spaces for lobby.

Opt for a long-lasting flooring

room colourful flooring flower pot

During the renovation: On the basis of the project, to keep the bike here, it has decided to a durable flooring. DuBoss is an artist and not just Designer. She came up with the idea to provide the concrete floor which will be pleasant for the feet and suitable for the wheels with a layer. The customer who works as a professor at a University in the vicinity, was for a few days out of town. This has proved a very good opportunity, to wash the floor with acid and to provide them with an industrial concrete. Then she could start with their actual work. The image here shows exactly this stage of the process.

Divided into different zones

room sofa closet ceiling light

Then: DuBoss has divided the area into different zones and the patterns of concrete have served as a guideline. The area in front of the door serves as a “welcome carpet”.

She drew a few sketches of room. But according to her own words she knew exactly how the whole thing will look until she really had not the color and brush in hand. After it had divided the ground, she of them sent a picture to your principal. After his leave he has started, an industrial concrete to the whole thing.

Cleverly thought out

room Cabinet floor lamp Bil rote wand

She bring recycled materials in use, because otherwise she would not subscribe to the limited budget. The owner has a very functional Cabinet. There he could hang his keys. Still, he had a shelf with socks. These were intended for the guests, because all the people who came in, had to take off their shoes.

The brick wall running in bold red helps to cover some defects in the design. The nuances of meaningful distract the attention of it. Above all, you wanted to reach it that not very nice ceiling less noticeable. It has kept them in such form due to the limited budget.

Integrated bicycle rack

room bike helmet box

If you go into the room, you will discover another room which is hidden behind a screen. This serves as a storage area. The image here shows the bicycle rack and its shelves make it easily accessible for the home owner. The designer has taken with this in the project, so that it keeps digging the holder. The bicycle holder leaves room for two bicycles and so this turned out to be a convenient solution.

Meditate in front of the large mirror

room wall supports mirror

DuBoss has installed a large mirror in the same zone. You have plenty space for meditation, yoga and exercise. DuBoss created a circle, she used silk, which was fixed in the center of the room. At the other end, there’s a pencil. In turning, it then reaches the desired figure.

DuBoss is very proud of this project and the work it as satisfying for yourself. Probably it’s because that so many of their characteristics here successfully completed the room of the day claim came., make them.

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