Room Partitioning Tricks: Inner Glass Walls

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Some ideas for glass partitions in the apartment

Thanks to its translucent characteristics, glass is a perfect material for Space Division in small apartments. A room that is divided by glass walls , looks not boxy and limited, but where you feel protected in his private area and irgendewie. Separate rooms. But let the light in. Only you can glass walls that thinking on the modern offices, where the space through veglaste doors is divided. These doors are covered with curtains or blinds. High transparency and noble appearance characterize these frameless glass walls with sliding glass door. The distribution varies from solid side panels and sliding door elements depending on the installation situation. Glass walls can be realized according to your personal preferences.

Luxurious glass door in the kitchen

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The glass walls are perfect for Space Division in the kitchen or the bathroom, living and dining rooms, where they visually reduce the living area. So are both aesthetic and functional glass dividers and let appear the shared space open and airy. Thick special glass works great as a dividing wall in various other areas, including in public spaces.

Small kitchen with veglasten walls

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If in a House, the glass room need a little more privacy, it could be disguised with curtains, blinds or other window decorations. The glass is also often used in exterior walls to increase the amount of light and visually extend the room space.

Yellow glass walls in the kitchen

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Also design, there are many interesting aspects. Magical room effects with colored glasses, sunlight, artificial light, or LED integrated in the glass can be reach and create architectural highlights.  There is also room for imagination and dreams. Glazing fulfill the desire to create new spatial dimensions without compromising on transparency and brightness. The glazing provides a form of “working” in which needs can be harmoniously connected for privacy with personal cooperation.

Beautiful glass doors in the apartment

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Small bathroom with glass partition walls

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