Room Plants Images And Inspiring Decorating Ideas

room plants succulent robust houseplants easy care

Room plants images and inspirational ideas, how your home green can decorate

How can you bring something fresh in your home? If your goal is to create a lively atmosphere where you can relax after a long day of work quietly, then consider the idea to decorate your living room with indoor plants. Even if you have little experience in this area and our proposal sounds foreign you continue browsing this article. We suggest you to pay more attention to easy care potted plants. The most room plants are undemanding and need little maintenance or light. The benefits that they bring, are however much. A room full of room plants has a completely different look and the positive energy in the room is quite noticeable. Not an exaggeration, you can say that plants could increase the quality of your life. They filter the air and thus improve the indoor climate, work stress-reducing and breathe life into the atmosphere. Do you need still more compelling facts? Scrolling down you and you look at pictures following room plants. Which of them you want to have at home?

Deco fresh green room plant species – ideas

green houseplants pictures pot plants species

Some of the most popular green houseplants:

1 Bromeliad – this is actually a flowering plant. The flowers last but just a few months and then not again blooming bromeliads.

2. arc hemp – a low-maintenance green plant that can withstand both direct sunlight and shadow

3. money tree – one of the most popular houseplants also according to the Feng Shui rules

4 violins fig – a type of Ficus that need little light and water

5. window sheet – a tropical plant that grows well as a houseplant

6 nest fern – needs a half-shady or shady site

7 mountain Palm – one of the most popular indoor Palm plants species

8 tree friend – a fast growing climber

9 rubber tree – still a type of Ficus that needs a light and warm site

10 sword fern – has a high Feutigkeitsbedarf

Green plants for the room

room plants determine species

Robust houseplants – succulents and cacti

room plants cacti succulent houseplants easy-care

Indoor Palm plants and other easy to grow pot plants

green houseplants pictures potted plants potted Palm Cactus Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera – a low-maintenance plant

green houseplants pictures potted Aloe Vera

The “Lily of the desert” needs relatively little water, especially in winter, when she can withstand dry periods easily over 4 weeks

green houseplants pictures potted Aloe Vera care

Potted plants on the window sill

green houseplants pictures potted rubber tree succulent cacti

Money tree, aloe and cactus as a low-maintenance houseplants

room plants determine potted plants money tree

The gum tree grows quickly in a bright location and can reach a height of over 3 metres

room plants determine potted rubber tree

Glueckstal, Chinese money tree or even belly button plant called

room plants determine potted plant green house plants

Breed new Glueckstal

room plants determine potted plant green house plants care

Room green plant on the bedside table

room plants determine potted plant bedside table decoration ideas green houseplants

Room ferns – sword fern in the living room

green houseplants pictures potted nest fern room ferns

Succulents store water in their thick fleshy leaves

green houseplants pictures potted succulent planters

The beauty of the room plants inside their foliage

green houseplants pictures potted plants money tree

Robust houseplants stylishly arranged

green houseplants pictures potted Succulents

Arc hemp -a classic among the room plants

room plants determine Sansevieria trifasciata arch hemp potted plant

The window leaf is one of the most popular houseplants

room plants determine Monstera deliciosa window sheet

As a climber, the window sheet needs a climbing aid

room plants determine Monstera delicious window sheet

Ornamental trees are a good alternative to the indoor plants

green houseplants pictures potted plants sapling

A brighter location at the window of the room tree

green houseplants pictures potted tree planter basket

In the summer you can put your houseplants on the terrace

green houseplants pictures potted trees fig tree

Relaxation corner with a relaxing Chair and green houseplants around fashion

Quiet atmosphere and fresh air at home

room plants pictures potted green

“Green” decorating ideas in the rustic living room

green houseplants pictures potted plants

Aloe, succulents and cacti in the outdoor area

Room decoration from different plant species

Young plants correctly cherish and maintain

room plants pictures potted plants care

The dragon tree (right) is a very popular Palm-like houseplant

room plants cacti robust houseplants easy care

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