Room Set Up Ideas In The Style Of Rococo, Which Give The Room An Elegant Look

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The style Rococo interior design – luxury rooms set up ideas

The Rococo style was currently in France Louis of XV. It is believed that Jean Louis Ermal Nest Meissonier and his works inspired the beginning of this style of art history.

Room Setup ideas for the bedroom

innendesign bedroom Rococo beautiful nightstand orchids

Asymmetrical figures and the most unusual contours of sea mussels showed up in his works. Also the name of the style comes from the French term of this – Rocaille.

At some point, Rococo became a symbol of the eccentricities and the cult to the casual interior design. At the same time, the Rococo style carries a lot of harmony and serenity in itself.

Coquetry and ease come together in a beautiful way.

Room set up for a stylish bedroom ideas

room Setup ideas bedroom design Rococo style

The beautiful ceilings are a characteristic feature of the style Rococo

room Setup ideas living room plants

In the 17th century, especially civil private houses in this style have been established. They were low and not very large, which contributed to an additional comfort. This is also one of the most striking differences also splendid Baroque style. The latter should be implemented mainly on large surfaces and in homes with traditional floor plans. Rococo is, however, also suitable for premises, which are characterized by asymmetrical character.


An interesting direction in the Rococo called chinoiserie. This introduces Chinese traditional elements in the interior design. It is both of concrete objects, symbolic motifs of representation of the speech, as well as atypical approach to the Division of space and decoration.

Modern dining area with Cinoiserie decoration

innendesign dining room chinoiserie set accents

Typical examples are decorated portable room dividers, Golden aquarium fish, noble orchids, painted carved Chinese furniture, and woven tapestries with represented Chinese dancers.

Distinctive properties of the Rococo style

Typical distinguishing features of the Rococo style are as follows:

Dynamic and asymmetrical forms
Large Windows with slightly rounded profile
Ceilings, which look like an extension of the walls
Arched walls with decoration made of silk, carved panels, gold-plated ornaments, mirror.
A large amount of stucco work, which are equally distributed in the rooms.

The room divider style Rococo fascinated by beautiful patterns

rooms set up ideas living ideas Rococo style flower pattern

Wall processing

In all variants of the Rococo design is stuck. Other decoration which the walls and corners are used bump give appearance.

The stucco works are typical of the style of Rococo

innendesign living room design ideas Rococo

Patterns and ornaments give a great look this living area

room Setup ideas living room wall mirror nice wanddesign

Ceiling design

Ideally, the ceiling in the same style and in the same colour should be executed as the walls. To choose prefer softer transitions instead of edges. If the Windows for decorations with textile imitations decide then you should choose the best flower pattern.

Fancy ceiling and walls make this luxurious bedroom

room Setup ideas bedroom design Rococo mirror striped pattern

Floor design

Parquet, marble and ceramic tiles come in asking for the floor design in the Rococo interior design. The ceramic tiles should necessarily imitate textures of natural character. Carpets and other textiles can cover the floor in the Rococo style, but she should take a relatively small area.

Flooring with wood optics

innendesign bedroom Rococo style establishment


The furniture in the Rococo style without straight lines. You will be provided with coloured paint. Other matching pieces of furniture are the chests of drawers, writing cabinets, canapes, and the deep, soft and very comfortable armchairs.

Designed to the last detail

innendesign residential ideas Rococo style möbeldesign

Wall and floor design with similar patterns

room Setup ideas Rococo style floral pattern dressing table

Fireplaces clad in marble are emblematic of the Rococo style. The decoration includes typically bronze candelabrum, and porcelain statuettes and watches. You can hang a mirror in the decorative frame above the fireplace.

The murals in the Rococo style has a unique character

room Setup ideas Rococo style wallpaper wall lamps wanddeko plants

Fancy ceilings with chandeliers

rooms set up ideas living ideas living room noble establishment pattern Rococo

Black furniture come with a silver accent to advantage

innendesign Rococo bedroom Silver accents black furniture carpet

Rococo lounge with a mix of colors and patterns

innendesign Rococo style living room set up great carpet flower pattern

Green walls combine with a red floor covering

innendesign living area Rococo fashion

Rococo living room with fireplace and wall mirror

innendesign residential ideas living room fireplace dekoideen pattern Rococo style

The Rococo style also appears in very bright color schemes

room Setup ideas Rococo style fine furniture Raffen Rollo fireplace

Combine blue walls and silver fabrics

room Setup ideas Rococo style bedroom mirror carpet blumendeko

Cozy bedroom in Rococo style

rooms set up ideas Rococo style living ideas bedroom

Bright living room in the Rococo style with modern look

room Setup ideas Rococo style living room

The Rococo style is an upscale furnishing style

room Setup ideas Rococo living room Brown curtains bright carpet

Typical wall decoration for the Rococo style

room Setup ideas living room Rococo motifs

Bed in the Rococo style, with many ornaments

innendesign ideas bedroom Rococo style bed white floor tiles

Beautiful table in the Rococo style

innendesign living room Rococo style table colored carpet

Candles write well at a facility in the Rococo style

rooms set up ideas home ideas Rococo style

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