Scandinavian Design In The Bedroom – 15 Inspiring Examples

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Scandinavian design bedroom ideas bed

15 charming ideas for Scandinavian bedroom design

According to Wikipedia, the Scandinavian modern design go back to the 50’s of the last century. They emerged and spread above all in the countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

This movement can be defined as simple, minimalist and functional. This design is among other things the idea underlying that the beautiful and functional design not just for the wealthy must be accessible. But, above all, this tendency is characterized by modernity and functionality.

After this introduction, we think that you will better understand the next 15 examples of Scandinavian design. They are not just simply in terms of design and of the forms, but also of minimalism and functionality. This is everything you’ll need at home in a good design, but in fact find you?

Boise modern bedroom

Scandinavian design bedroom complete set up

IKEA Bed frame in the master bedroom provides a Scandinavian style appearance. Carpet with stripes and a golden cushion Componibilli table get the necessary decoration in this rolling space.

Bridge cottage

Scandinavian design minimalist bedroom furniture

The shading of the area together with the headboard the Scandinavian look is still ravishing.

Canadian country house

Scandinavian design bedroom furniture wood flooring

The bed in the master bedroom was originally executed in light pine. The pair has performed it then darker.

They have brought the white headdress from Africa.

Corona del Mar residence

Scandinavian design bedroom design classic elegant hell

But great looks! The blue shading with white is soft and gentle. We love the bed. This space is really special.

Houston headquarters

Scandinavian design bedroom complete set up wooden floor bed stores

This master bedroom looking out on a park. That’s always good, right? According to the views of a lake or water, I find this the two best option!

Michigan State House

Scandinavian design mini m tables bedroom ideas clear lines

Find something that you don’t like here and tell me! I will understand you… Because this space is more seductive than cozy.

Montreal apartment

Scandinavian design bedroom complete set up minimalistic bedding pattern

This minimalist bedroom reflects Scandinavian style to the Högdahls. Soft white coverlet and warm lights emphasize the brick wall.

Dutch room

Scandinavian design minimalist modern bedroom wall decoration

The couple in the bedroom also follows the black and white color palette. Instead of covering the wall with wallpaper, they used earlier two strips. It created a balanced composition that works as a headboard.


Scandinavian design rustic minimalist bedroom ideas

All of these original crown molding were deleted and sent to emphasize the essential elements of the architecture. The palette of neutral materials and earthy nuances works beautifully with the modern furniture.

Scandinavian compact London flat

bedroom Scandinavian furniture design wall wallpaper pattern light

You can see here above all Scandinavian design on the headboard. I especially love the use of wallpaper in this room. The white and blue nuances make this room certainly appealing.

South googee House

Scandinavian design minimalist bedroom ideas bed headboard wood

We see a ring wall in this master bedroom. It contains another that is smaller. When you open it, you can enter the dressing room through them.

There, you feel like in another House. They used such as wood-looking material on the walls, and this gives the House an earthy feel.

The heavy concrete walls hang from the ceiling like side lights and the grey accessories provide a dreamy feeling.

Bohdan townhouse

bedroom ideas bed wall decoration wood floor brick wall wall grey

Here is another, incredibly clean running room. It is modern and minimalist. The grey and white walls make the artwork to the Rotary and pivot.


Scandinavian interior design minimalist bedroom wall decoration

The color palette of this bedroom in Vancouver is really nice. It is simple and very elegant.

Ocean view

Scandinavian design bedroom furniture carpet

Here we see the jigsaw design. Pieces of cherry wood fit together like in a puzzle. It’s a work of art in itself.

Vancouver contemporary bedroom

Scandinavian style minimalist bedroom complete built-in wardrobe

We love the long Chair at the end of this bed. Also the colors! Kelly deck design has made a great job in this bedroom. We love it!

The concept for Scandinavian design was the subject of much debate at the time. It has also seen at several exhibitions and marketing agendas it represented in the past 50 years. The most democratic characteristics of this movement went through about all changes and you can also see them in the most contemporary Scandinavian and international design.

So, we hope that you will enjoy the pictures here and can draw inspiration from it!

We wish you much fun!

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