Scandinavian Living – Inspirational Interior Design Ideas In The Minimalist Style

Scandinavian living – so life is easier

The modern Scandinavian design was born in the 30s of the 20th century, to make our life style simple. In this style, everything is functional and simplified.

Including, we provide two apartments show that embody the Scandinavian style. So… you are a resident Scandinavian!

The Interior Designer Aleksandr Vezlomcev and aTng 糖 are responsible for both concepts. The first House is colourfully decorated and the second has a monochromatic design and colors are used only in the nursery. Both apartments have something in common – they are bright and comfortable and decorated with great taste. Take a look…

2 modern apartments in the Scandinavian style

Scandinavian Scandinavian style live lounge furniture and decoration

The first apartment, furnished by aTng 糖, is a prime example of a bright Scandinavian home with an open floor plan. This room includes a comfortable living room, a dining area and a spacious study room with a desk and an additional table.

In the living area, the hipster painting “Deer with glasses” catches the eye immediately.

This is definitely not seriously impact the space. And the yellow floor lamp adds color to the ambience.

Scandinavian set up and decorate living room

Scandinavian living living room set Scandinavian decoration

This apartment has everything you need to be productive. White lockers offer plenty of storage space for important documents and keep everything organized. Works of art on the wall add personality to the room and the indoor plants liven up the atmosphere.

Spacious study room with lots of storage space

Scandinavian live Scandinavian lounge set

Wall decoration with paintings and works of art in the dining area

Scandinavian living dining room set Scandinavian decoration

This is a practical wall shelf with simple and original design – typical for the Scandinavian style.

Wall shelf for books, potted plants and ornaments

Scandinavian live lounge furniture Scandinavian decoration

Scandinavian design is always about functionality and aesthetics, which lie in the simplicity. This image of the game of “Monopoly” represents the idea that one can live in this room valuable. An entire family can play around the carpet “Monopoly” and spend a pleasant evening together!

Family game, play and enjoy cozy evenings at home together

Scandinavian round carpet live lounge set up monopoly

Promote your creativity!

Scandinavian living room set up office furniture Scandinavian decoration

Order to reign in the Home Office

Scandinavian living room set up office furniture Scandinavian set

The art must be hung not always on the wall

Scandinavian wall decoration is open shelf Scandinavian decoration

Creative projects are created here

Scandinavian living Scandinavian furniture dining room

Dining room pendant lights in various colors

Scandinavian living dining room furniture dining table

The second apartment, look at including, was established by Aleksandr Vezlomcev of line Design Studio. The style remains Scandinavian and the design minimalist and practical.

The living room is also bright, with large Windows and decorated with refreshing green accents.

Living comfort to enjoy

Scandinavian live lounge sofa Scandinavian furniture

Blue decorative pillows and carpet with Chevron patterns give the room more texture

Scandinavian living room set sofa Scandinavian furniture

TV wall with Büherregal behind it – a very clever idea

Scandinavian furniture Scandinavian live lounge TV wall

Small and bright Home Office

Scandinavian children's input is Office furniture Scandinavian decoration

The bedroom is also very simple decorated in neutral colours. The wooden furniture and the wooden wall create a very relaxed and cosy atmosphere.

Elegant bed linen in grey

Scandinavian living bedroom furniture bed

The wall painting is also in same color palette

Scandinavian living bedroom furniture bed natural materials wood

In the children’s room Flash colors are present, such as bright yellow, and the typical children colors – pastel blue and Pastel pink. Enjoy this small oasis of well-being for children…

A place for fun and games for children

nursery Scandinavian set up lurid Scandinavian decoration

…und for learning course

nursery Scandinavian set up nursery furniture desk

Practical wooden desk at the window

Scandinavian set children's room furniture children's desk at the window

Play corner with table and chairs

Kinderzimme Scandinavian set up nursery furniture

The entrance area is small and also stole decorated in grey

Scandinavian living floor set up Scandinavian furniture

In the kitchen, only the Chair in a strong color is

Scandinavian set kitchen island kitchen dining table

Kitchen island with dining table for 5 people

Scandinavian set kitchen island kitchen dining table top

Simplicity and elegance

Scandinavian set kitchen island kitchen dining table with chairs

The bathroom is small but nice and fits perfectly to the remaining home furnishings

Scandinavian furniture bathroom set manimalistisch grey

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