Setting Up A Small Apartment – Tips, Tricks And Myths

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Misconceptions about the establishment of small apartments

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Looking at the establishment of the small room as a big challenge? Confuse the popular decorating tips, rather than that they help you?  This is not necessarily to you and to your home. It simply far too many myths be spread about this issue, bring the establishment of small apartments in a completely wrong direction.

Small apartment set up – derive from one of the next false perceptions at the home furnishings have?

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Myth Number 1: equate the wide tread with the comfort

Endless effort into gaining more space will be invested in small apartments. Storage space and available places for clothes, accessories and tableware are reduced to the minimum.  Setting priorities is basically correct. Don’t overdo it but: A few square centimeters of less are not as dramatic, if they fulfil a useful function.

If you only have little storage space, all at your home messy looks. This is much upwind than the lack of the square.

The wall cabinets – no matter whether floating or on the floor setting, can in the paint run so that prepares the space visually.

Myth Number 2: set up small apartment – luxury does not match

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It combines the small apartment with saving in all respects. We would rephrase that: live on small area means focus on the essentials. Instead of having to spend big money for extra living space, you can afford more luxurious in the few square meters. They decorated the small apartment with just a few items and accessories. Obviously one or the other could cost just slightly more.

Myth Number 3: you need only a few lights

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The small area could be lit by only a good light so many believe.  This note is still widespread and also misleading.  Combine also ambient light with task lighting.  At different times, you need either the one or the other or all light sources must be together on. If you restrict itself to the ceiling lighting, shadow will appear in the afternoon and evening in many places. This degrades the quality of your life and can be even dangerous in some cases. No matter how small is your kitchen or kitchenette, work area should get special lighting.  So you work for your health.

Myth Number 4: you have no freedom with regard to the colors

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In a small apartment you should not experiment with the colors – of which many House residents and designers are convinced. Also it doesn’t have to be. The small room is gaining comfort through the personalized and bold design. The colours must be not the darkest. However, in certain cases also it won’t hurt. Thus, you can emphasize a dimension for the other. Striking colors make sense even if you have such an amazing view. The accent wall opposite the window should then correspond with the nuances of the landscape. So you can be the boundary between the inside and outside are blurred.

If you still choose the bald wall design, you should think of beautiful decoration. Tricks you counteract the feeling of emptiness, without that you fill the room with too much waste.

Myth Number 5: only the seamless appearance is suitable

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To make everything from a single source, is one of many options for comfortable for small apartments. It is rather on the uniform concept, in which each subject must be correct in its place. Otherwise you feel constricted.

It’s nice when the available furniture have common properties – show one and same color palette, similarities in the forms and materials. The uniform look can be done also by introducing a larger furniture, feat or decoration, something, what unites the different aspects in and thus can weld together the design.

After the unveiling of myths about the interior design you feel free. In a small apartment, the design can work quickly and easily. You must keep this in the sense and set your small apartment then without prejudice and with much enjoyment.

Our editorial team hope you enjoy it!

A combination of practical furnishings

set up small apartments practical ideas set

In setting up small apartments are practical ideas most important

practical ideas facility housing design design

Design meets comfort and Aesthetics

practical ideas establishment apartment design design

Set up small apartment – a question of imagination or purse?

set up small apartments design ideas

Set up small apartment – interesting solution that saves space and looks great

set up small apartments design practical design

Large luxury on small area

set up small apartments Designs luxury

Establish small apartment – an unusual variant for female tastesset up small apartment design practical ideas

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