Setting Up Nursery – Agnès Emery: Art For Children’s Furnishings

nursery set up Agnès Emery unusual headboard

Setting up nursery – fancy designer ideas by Agnès Emery

Design lovers know Agnès Emery and its great collections, which show a special preference for the ethnic. Recently, she has decided to create a special line that can integrate each establishment nursery . The Belgian created the special collection for the company of Méchants enfants.

Inspired by Alice in Wonderland

One of the sources of their inspiration is their own words of Alice in Wonderland. She likes it especially the somewhat irrational and playful approach that goes beyond the usual dimensions, and is always addressed to the children and their inner world.

You feel like in a fairy tale

facility nursery Agnès Emery blue wall white bed

Like the children to organize tea parties

establishment nursery Agnès Emery children furniture round shape

This nursery radiates color and joy

establishment nursery Agnès Emery color children's furniture Orange ground

The world of nature

Still, Agnès Emery loves everything that has to do with the plant world, and especially with the garden and the fruits. The freshness, Juiciness and the colorful colors, which bring with them, also play an important role in their collection. At the same time, it gives the whole a very natural character. The hand-painted tiles are one of their works.

Beautiful wall painting gives a unique charm the children’s room

establishment nursery Agnès Emery chairs blue wrought iron

Interactive children’s room design

establishment nursery Agnès Emery tiles animal illustrations

High chairs with a natural look and mushroom pendants

establishment nursery Agnès Emery fancy chairs green wall pendant


Agnès Emery works with materials with which it is already very well familiar. Such a material is for example the ceramic. She painted them with animal figures. Thus, an important role is assigned to the playful element in the Interior.

Funny tiles create more mood in the nursery

nursery set up Agnès Emery decorating pony

Tile pattern with scenes from the animal world

nursery set up Agnès Emery ceramic tile pattern forest

Attractive decorating boys room

nursery set up Agnès Emery ceramic tiles giraffes decoration

The special wrought iron chairs

Agnès Emery included special chairs made of wrought iron in their collection. They are known for their particularly adaptable character, what’s the color alignment. Still, they are determined by interesting, great lines. It is interesting to see how the artist blends the organic elements with scenes and ideas from well-known works of literature for children. This is an idea that should be generally applied when setting up nursery in our opinion. The atmosphere which arises, corresponds to the usual children setting just perfect.

Wrought iron chairs and fresh colour combination

establishment nursery Agnès Emery wrought iron chairs round table

Orange bed with vintage look

establishment nursery of Agnès Emery Oranes bed

Natural children’s room design

facility nursery Agnès Emery bed headboard

The weighing

Agnès Emery has designed a collection of weighing. These were created by the same technology as the chairs. This also applies to the special beds. They’re all in different shades and shapes available. The lights reminiscent of magic mushrooms and butterflies. They can be converted into night tables. The furniture has a similar character. Reminiscent of tree branches.

Orange soil attracts the attention

nursery set up Agnès Emery crib of Orange floor

A bed in which large and small in love

nursery set up Agnès Emery crib canopy bed

Charming lamp shades bring joy into the children’s room

nursery set up Agnès Emery pendant lights

Unusual bed headboard, which makes the maid’s room look nicer

establishment nursery Agnès Emery bed head unit Butterfly

This is the collection by Agnès Emery. Even if not everyone can set up his children’s room should be inspired from this really deep understanding for the children’s world.

Fascinating concept

facility nursery Agnès Emery blue bed beautiful wall decoration

Colored giraffes

establishment nursery Agnès Emery giraffes Green Wall decoration

Funny ceramic tiles

nursery set up Agnès Emery tiles animals

A little Knight lives here maybe…

nursery set up Agnès Emery boys room bed decoration