Setting Up – Operate Flat Clever With Your Room

flat set up on 2 tier staircase glass railing

Set up Mono – the sensible distribution of your property

Your apartment only consists of a single room? If Yes, then you have a pretty daunting task to solve. You must fully functional your Studio set upby you have space for everything you need. Don’t worry about it! This is not impossible. Here are our suggestions for compact and handy device for small apartments. If all the furniture pieces have found their right place in the room, you will feel at home comfortable and cozy.

Small spaces have a special charm

Studio set up bed green wall

Integrate a high bed

Studio set up bed desk

A reasonable idea for you would be to integrate a bunk bed above the entrance. Thus, your guests attention is on the Interior of the room and not on your bed.

Bunk bed and dining table in white

Mono set up white bunk bed stairs dining area

Wooden construction – Loft bed and staircase with storage room

Studio set up bed wood design

The above image is a good example of the way sharing of your room. The bunk bed features a staircase, whose Stufen are drawers and provide more storage space. Behind the bed, it has provided a built-in wardrobe.

Different colour schemes brings identity in the rooms

flat set up open spaces white colour

Let the different parts have different colours. So you will be the identity of each individual room.

Enjoy the magnificent views from the bed

flat setting beautiful view seating image carpet

If your apartment has wonderful views, position the bed next to the window. It will give you great pleasure to enjoy the sunset from the bed.

A Murphy bed on the pink wall

Mono set wardrobe bed wall decoration

Isn’t that great? The bed above was totally hidden and need less space.

Stylish wall bed

flat set wardrobe bed desk

Hidden behind the Orange closet kitchen

Mono set up hidden Kitchen bench four-poster bed

Here we see an optical effect. Built a a door in the closet, which leads to the hidden kitchen.

Curtains as partition for the bedroom

Studio set up bed with curtains privacy table

Curtains serve excellently as a privacy and you can’t see the bed.

Doppelstockapartement with every modern convenience

flat set up double stick apartment dining room bedroom

This modern double floor apartment was furnished with taste and imagination. The sleeping area is located on the second level of the apartment. This orange carpet is eyecatching and completed the great decoration.

With a built-in bed to win space

flat set up built-in bed white sofa dining area

The built-in bed is a great option for small spaces. One can hardly guess what happened to the bed.

Set up Studio – create separate corners

flat set up separate rooms

You can create completely separate corners. This increased the dining area very clever on a platform.

Separate the bedroom from the living room

flat set up separate bedroom living room

With specialists, discuss your room before you start setting up. The bedroom can be separated by a wall from the rest of the apartment.

Rustic Studio set up

flat set up bunk bed dining table brick wall

Shelf system of privacy in the flat

flat set in green shelving system sofa bed

You made the shelving system here as a dividing wall. Stylish looks and serves as a focal point in the room.

Bedroom entertainment area

flat setting up bedroom TV sofa table carpet

Create more joy by you to create an entertainment area. To enable this, to turn only the TV to the bed.

Cleverly split the living room

flat set up cabinet system sofa with storage

Wow! This is called professional design! Everything seems to be perfectly organized. Especially the blue sofa looks nice, which has plenty of storage space.

Dramatic look

flat set up stylishly in black

That our decisions on the subject were “Flat set”. Find them great?