Shabby Chic Furniture And Boho Style – A Perfect Combination For More Comfort

Shabby Chic furniture boho style furnishing style of yellow stool Paravent of woven Chair natural wood coffee table

Like your home in the Bohemian style you can set

Creativity, freedom and joie de vivre pur are the main features for the charming boho chic Wohnstil.Wie the name suggests, talking about the “Bohemian” as a subculture that mid-18th century in Europe was created. At that time, musicians and writers, nomadic life of the Roma in Bohemia were fascinated. They have opposed the strict social mores and norms and celebrated the closeness to nature, as well as the self-sufficiency. As a revival for the boho style came at the end of the 60’s of the 20th century also the summer of love. The Hippie movement was born. The hippies have their inspiration above all from the colorful Bohemian style utilized and celebrated love and life in absolute freedom. Like a real Phönix of boho chic is the early of 90s and since 2005 in the trend back then. Actresses and models such as Sienna Miller and Kate Moss in England, as well as Mary-Kate Olsen in the United States are just some of the most famous faces of the boho style in fashion and lifestyle.

Shabby Chic furniture and casual elegance of natural textiles

Shabby Chic furniture boho style wood carving macrame pillow ethnic rugs Sheepskin floorboards lights sofa

After all this it is not so strange, that Shabby Chic furniture an integral part of the boho chic interior are. With their signs of wear and vintage-look licensed from just perfect fit these to the Basic setting of this furnishing style and complete the homely ambience.

When you set up in the boho style is regarded as a main rule, that there ain’t no rules apply. That’s right! Feel free to and select furniture, home accessories and textiles especially after your gut feeling. Only your comfort is one. We can assist you only in with some tips and suggestions you can follow according to your own preferences.

Boho chic will create comfort an adequate dose in your home

Shabby Chic furniture boho style establishment wool carpet brass side table stool Chair sofa

Shabby Chic furniture

You in the most antique shops, the flea market or in specialised shops, as well as of course online, for example on impressionen.decan find them. The core piece of a living room in the boho chic is such as the sofa. This should be generous and soft padded. A romantic metal bed for the bedroom and a nostalgic vintage chest of drawers in the corridor are also quite successful elements for your institution in this relaxed style of living.

Lovely antique cabinets and display cabinets

Shabby Chic furniture boho style wardrobe Dresser shelves showcase

Paints and textiles

Here, low and warm colours have priority. So, Brown, olive green, black and khaki are the most preferred colors. Gold and silver as well as mustard yellow, purple and rust red serve then as fresh accents. You can use also other colors of your choice.

Natural fibres are very recommended – jute, sisal, cotton, linen and wool. Colorful pillow cases with ethnic patterns and sequins lie comfortably on the sofa, soft, round pouf in leather are available here and there and offer informal, ergonomic seating. Smooth bed covers in Tierprints or in patchwork adorn the bed, colourful tapestries decorating the walls and delicate shawls with batik patterns introduce exotic, Mediterranean flair in the premises.

Pillows, cushions, pillows…

Shabby Chic furniture boho style décor ethno pillow of woven stool suspended seat

Home accessories

Holiday souvenirs and flea market finds feel right at home here. Wooden animal and ethnic figures, old chandeliers, wooden bowls, rich decorated boxes and wicker baskets are some of the most popular accessories that you can include in your well-being. And if you are more on new home accessories in this style, then you can look for example at Westwing . There great discounts and offers are waiting for you.

Have fun browsing and you will find it!

Warm colour cushion with natural products

Shabbychic furniture boho Setup style ethno motifs cushion carpets metal pendant lamp

Boho chic meets purism

Shabby Chic furniture boho style décor wood coffee table coffee table wood carvings natural wood sofa lambskin

Vintage furniture and accessories are right here

Shabby Chic furniture boho style décor wood flooring wood sideboard vintage cushion sofa lambskin

Wrought iron and folk patterns in the living room

Shabby Chic furniture boho style furnishing style leather sofa side table ethno silver carpet

Dining room and kitchen have a gorgeous boho chic flair

Shabby Chic furniture boho style furnishing style of open living plan pendant lamps copper lambskin carpet ethno

Tapestries with distinctive ethno-aura

Shabby Chic furniture boho style couch bedspread cushion round coffee table porcelain stool

If you like Oriental

Shabby Chic furniture boho style décor of Oriental style ethnic pattern sofa Nbeistelltisch

Don’t forget the fur rugs

Shabby Chic furniture boho style interior design bedroom fur carpet cushion floor lamp houseplants

Metal, Oriental lanterns are at the boho style almost a must

Shabby Chic furniture boho style decor of accessories Oriental lamps Chronicly

Wallpaper your chairs in the dining room with colourful textiles

Shabby Chic furniture boho style dining room chairs armchair colorful pattern flowers

Freedom and self-sufficiency in the Interior

Shabby Chic furniture boho style hammock pillows natural fibres natural products carpet of Moroccan living style

Woven tapestries and beautiful cushion

Shabby Chic furniture boho style décor ethno pillow tapestry vase lambskin

Colorful joy of life in the living room

Shabby Chic furniture boho style antique couch striped carpet runners Chronicly ethnic pattern

Porcelain dish with geometric folk patterns

Shabby Chic furniture boho style porcelain tableware of plates bowls China Cabinet

Boho kisses Scandinavia

Shabby Chic furniture boho style residential style living room set up soft carpet round coffee table Lederpouf

Set up can be as simple

Shabby Chic furniture boho style pouf of colorful carpet ethnic pattern table lamp

More peace and clarity in the bedroom

Shabby Chic furniture boho style bedroom bamboo four poster bed Sheepskin knitted rug floorboards

Romance in black and white

Shabby Chic furniture boho style bedroom set up bed bedspread ethnic black white

Home create cosy lounge

Shabby Chic furniture boho style Chronicly ethno pattern lounge corner pendant

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