Simple Northern Balcony Design Ideas For Small Spaces

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balcony design ideas small room cosy Scandinavian

Balcony design ideas in Swedish style

The Swedish style is relatively rarely associated with balcony design ideas in conjunction. But he has to offer a lot in this area. We enter this now, in our opinion, not enough explored field, and hope that the samples be used as great sources of inspiration.

The Scandinavian style offers comfort and style not only for indoor use, but also for outdoor use

balcony design ideas original Balkondeko plants sofa

Cool seating for the Scandinavian balcony

balcony design Scandinavian design wooden stool plants

Combine chic balcony furniture and wood tiles

balcony design ideas wood tiles balcony furniture plant pots

Simple and nice

Like in the interior design, the balcony design of the northern art is characterized by the simple beauty and ergonomics. If you have a small outdoor area, this is probably exactly the right thing. Because you need above all the freshness and comfort. Details can be rather annoying for many people on such a small area.

Elegant balcony design in the Scandinavian style

balcony design of elegant outdoor plants grey carpet runner

White is common in this style

balcony design ideas small balcony white carpet pattern

Home transfer the philosophy of the northern countries

Through the balcony design ideas of Swedish art you also make it to integrate the philosophy of this northern country into your home décor. The unit must extend the environment. In the case of the small balcony these would have to enroll seamlessly in the home furnishings. At the same time, home, everything through the restrained character should invite the nature and the character of the area. The design meets these two criteria, one has the best prerequisites for a perfect summer treat.

Cover and cushion make a cosy balcony

Scandinavian design fresh comfortable balcony design

Also provide a suitable Balkondeko

balcony design ideas Scandinavian flowers Garland

Practical, comfortable and with color accents

The Swedish balcony design to this Interior, main difference is the enhanced role of the Flash accents. They are used slightly wider. They come in the form of plants, flowers and great designer forms. Of course, you love also the cuddly, soft textures. These are for example the ceiling for the seating.

By plants and accessories create an appealing exterior

balcony design compact balcony furniture flowers Dekokisen carpets

Give color and mood to the small balcony

balcony design appealing plants balcony furniture

Combine the colours fresh

balcony design ideas Flash accents plants

Stylish Scandinavian balcony with rattan furniture

balcony design ideas of elegant look black balcony furniture white carpet

No space for storage and archiving? Be creative!

Within the small balcony design, there is logically no place for much storage and storage area. That’s why you must be extremely creative. Swedish design has to offer very much in this respect. Folding constructions, or those that they can be implemented, come to help. Everything has either a dual function or can be folded up and conceded.

Folding chairs for the small balcony

balcony design ideas folding chairs kid balcony table wooden floor

Natural materials

Natural materials and elements prevail in the Swedish design of balcony. From the first furniture have been made. You decorated it again like with organically-produced fabrics and textiles. The latter serve as decoration and are adding great plants in this function.

The matching color and painting

Many original balcony design ideas of Swedish art simply consist of an original painting or a matching paint. As to the integration into the atmosphere through simple means. At the same time, you get a more sustainable character for the furniture due to the protection from the outdoor conditions.

Select fresh paint balcony furniture

balcony design light green chairs of round balcony table flowers

White furniture and plants to create an outdoor area

balcony design functional white balcony furniture plants

Chic Balkondeko makes this balcony

balcony design ideas of Scandinavian style dark wood floor plants

Stripe pattern is often repeated in the Scandinavian design

balcony design small balcony set up stripe rug white black pattern

Colored stripes and flowers give freshness and joy the balcony

balcony design small balcony design colored stripes rug

Create a beautiful recreation area

balcony design ideas Scandinavian design small balcony design

Coloured patterns and flowers correspond well with each other

balcony design ideas small balcony design

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