Small Apartment In Sydney – Chic Modern Establishment Of Mahon Design Studio

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small apartment in Sydney lounge dining area

Small apartment in Sydney – chic modern furnishings

When it comes to small apartments, functionality and comfort, there are two “main topics”, which must be taken into account. The greatest challenge before a designer is to enlarge the space of the apartment, or alternatively the room bigger ersheinen than it is in reality.

The Mahon Design Studio has designed this small apartment for a family of five in Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia, and it tried to solve the problem with the lack of space.

The living room – compact but cozy

small apartment in Sydney gleaming wall sofa living room

The ceiling in the stairwell from the bottom seen

small apartment in Sydney ceiling room lamps

Large built-in wardrobes with shiny surfaces in the hallway

small apartment closets installed in Sydney

The Studio specializes in designing formally independent design concepts for contemporary bathrooms and kitchens. Therefore, the request represented a very interesting and challenging task for the current, namely their needs to fit the small living space and to create a wider area by adds an additional floor and creates an open, functional and devices “striped” cuisine.

The core of the kitchen is a lush table (with a wearing part) for ten people. He also has several shelves, which can easily be hidden. This is a very interesting approach in the sense of the present design concept. The designer chose to easily “hideaway” parts of the kitchen behind white and luscious doors as a solution with which to create more space. The apartment was painted completely in white and in this context was the idea of massive sliding doors, which surround the kitchen from all sides, an ingenious traps up. Practically, this approach creates a smooth transition between rooms. The result can be described as follows: a chic, intelligently designed and lovely little flat.

Dining area and kitchen – wooden surface and textures

small apartment in Sydney dining room wood textures

Minimalist white walls in the dining area

small apartment in Sydney dining room white wall

Bathroom design – neon bathroom tiles on the walls

small apartment in Sydney tiles bathroom hanging lamps

Modern hanging lamps in the form of balls in the bathroom

small apartment in Sydney tiles bathroom modern

Feng Shui setup in the bathroom

small apartment in Sydney tiles bathroom neon colors

Round window in the bathroom – natural light during the day

small apartment in Sydney tiles bathroom neon mosaic original

Extended sink with base cabinets

small apartment in Sydney tiles bathroom sink

Designer pendant lamps

small apartment in Sydney tiles lights

small apartment in Sydney wood table top dining area and kitchen area have all necessary

Kitchen cabinets with glass doors over the white kitchen mirrorsmall apartment in Sydney indirect lighting kitchen countertop

Dining area – porcelain tabletop

small apartment in Sydney ceramic tables wood

Wooden folding table provides an extra

small apartment in Sydney folding table

Ergonomic low Dining chairs with backs

small apartment in Sydney kitchen countertop

Kitchen countertop, sink, cabinets, ceiling lighting

small apartment in Sydney kitchen design

Wall shelves with white interior

small apartment in Sydney shelving wood wall

State of the art facilities in the kitchen

small apartment in Sydney rear wall kitchen cabinet wood

Glass walls separate the upper floor from the ground floor

small apartment in Sydney White establishment staircase

Surface shiny white

small apartment in Sydney technology

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