Small Balcony Design – Interesting Interior Design Ideas

Editor   May 7, 2013   Comments Off on Small Balcony Design – Interesting Interior Design Ideas

balcony design glass wall Chair original radiator

Small balcony design – transform the balcony in an extra room

If you live in a big city, then you have rented maybe a flat, at best, with a small balcony. Many people use it to store different (often useless) items there. We have a better idea – transform the balcony in an extra room. All you should do is to come up with a suitable design. In some cases, you can connect the balcony to the next room, but not mandatory. Here, some designers are projects that can serve you as an inspiration.

Small balcony design – use the whole space optimally

balcony design stylish base standing chairs table wall

Study on the balcony. This idea occurred to have you?

balcony design workplace Chair window wall decoration

Bright, comfortable workplace – your home office

balcony design desk chair wall shelf window

A built-in wardrobe saves much space

balcony design outdoor furniture purple shades curtains

Directly on the ground – as in the Orient

balcony design relaxation corner floor pillow hookah

The wood is a noble accents

small balcony figures decorated wooden stool window sofa

Connect the dining area with a balcony

small balcony design wood plants window

Connected and disconnected at the same time

small balcony design Pink Purple curtains Schraibtisch

Relaxation corner – green soothes and relaxes

small balcony design chair yellow Auglagen Grün

You do not need much space in fact

small balcony design sofa coffee table round runner

Set up the balcony to your taste

small balcony design sofa mural pillow

Feel almost like in the free Natur…oder!

small balcony design stylish base deck stone wall plant an original wall shelf and a little paint work very refreshing

small balcony design table shelf wall color

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