Small Bedroom Set: Accept The Challenge!

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Tips for more order and atmosphere in the cramped bedroom

The effective establishment of a small bedroom can be a massive challenge. Cabinets, chests of drawers and bed despite cramped conditions attractive to arrange and to benefit from an inviting atmosphere, you should master the 1 × 1 of the furnishing solutions for small spaces. We’ll show you how you can get the maximum out of seemingly tight spaces with practical details, choosing the right wall colors, and the clever use of light.

Small bedroom set – information about furniture, colours and light effects

small bedroom set wall cladding wood

Build a headboard, even

In small spaces is often no place for bedside tables. To the necessary storage space yet not sacrificing, self-made head parts are the perfect solution. You should conclude with the wall behind the bed and allow a side reaching. While in between the pillows, blankets or similar taste can gives, find books, alarm, reading lamps and co. on the upper surface of space. At the same time creates a backrest, which enable comfortable reading or watching TV. These headboards can be with with simple wooden boards assemble quickly and easily. The project, let to saw the wood at the hardware store on the corresponding mass is particularly second-saving.

Tips for the furniture

Is the space unused so far under your bed? Then it is high time to use it as a storage space. With homemade or store-bought bed boxes and drawers on castors, save space can store various utensils. An advantage is also a homemade platform. Finally, ample room in small spaces remains mostly in the height. Through the additional boost, find it drawers even easier to rearrange boxes or other order systems below the bed. You should be on the lookout for a new bed, you can benefit from appropriate models leverage which the floor space above integrated drawers. We have matching beds in the Sleeping room of the online shop Naturloft discovered, a German dealer for solid wood furniture. The selection can get a first impression or suggestions for additions of the own bed get.

Variants with Frosted glass doors are especially advisable in the choice of the wardrobe. You seem less solid as wood or dark materials. If space is tight, you should prefer sliding or sliding doors. Different doors, these operate the Cabinet any area take to conventional open. In addition make up more furniture to bed and closet, closed fronts are always better than open systems. The latter looks restless quickly through the content, while closed furniture pieces bring a quiet impression. Other tips were merged into the topic on the online presence of the magazine living at home. There including a clever idea for more stowage space is described: “alternative to the classic wardrobe: sliding doors between floor and ceiling install and place a simple, room-high shelf behind it.”

Correct use of colors

Colours have a specific effect on our mood. At the same time they influence the size of the room visually. While dark colors as appear small and cramped red living landscapes, bright shades of yellow or beige for small rooms better suited. However, it is crucial to the individual color for the bedroom. A brighter shade of blue is the perfect choice for small and very bright rooms. The color exudes serenity, tranquility and relaxation and positively enriches the atmosphere in the bedroom. If you don’t like blue or yet one prefer dark colors for your bedroom, you should limit on a wall. So put a conscious contrast without to overwhelm the space. Focus additionally on light furniture to compensate for the dark color of the wall. Various earth tones in light version are also well suited for use in the bedroom.

small bedroom set color palette select walls painting

More tips for the murals in the overview:

Pattern: In small spaces should be avoided flashy and colorful wallpaper pattern. Let even smaller work rooms. The same applies to structured wall design types such as sponge techniques. For dynamic accents, you limit the use of patterns and textures on a wall or a small section.
Strip: In bedrooms with sloping roof or generally low-ceilinged rooms vertical stripes on the wall can be used specifically to optical stretching. You can later work premises. A room is very high, a lower impression by horizontal stripes.
Harmony: the small bedroom appears whether you paint colored walls or not – accessories such as flower pots, textiles and curtains match colour, more quiet and at the same time further. More than two main colours should not be however it at contrasts, because otherwise it can be a chaotic mess. Stay with the color matching the best with a color family.

small bedroom set Wandferbe yellow stairs

The following video gives inspiration to the colours in the rooms:

Effect of light – best mood thanks to dynamic concept

Light is a very effective tool to make a grand entrance and more depth small bedrooms. Ideally, multiple lamps with different degrees of brightness are installed in the bedroom. Thanks to the uniform distribution is a quiet illumination. Warm white light sources are recommended because they favour a harmonious atmosphere. Access to LED versions, are very economical and durable. While a ceiling ensures the necessary basic lighting, Deckenfluter low spaces in the amount of stretch. Spots and clamp lamps are used for the staging of individual pieces of furniture or decorative objects. Discreet wall lamps in addition ensure light and let rooms höhererscheinen. With dimmable lamps, you can adjust the brightness of your mood and the desired lighting to use in each situation. Place an indirect light sourceat suitable place. This light is not selectively broadcasted, but very generously distributed in the room. The source is not directly visible, and the ambiance is very pleasant rounded off.

small bedroom set up matching furniture and lighting equipment


Small bedrooms are very aesthetically designed with the correct procedure. Create a cozy space to relax with functional interiors, the right colours and atmospheric lighting. If you need more ideas, check out our post “great decorating tips for the small bedroom”.

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