Small Flat Einrichten-it Can Be Dreamed Big

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Write off in the motorhome, if you want to set up your small apartment well

Living in a mobile home can be so cool! The following examples will show you that. If you hold this idea but not for optimal, you should look at still following examples themselves.

Because they can be great sources of inspiration for the creation of small apartments.

Choose a neutral color, which reflects the light

In most cases, the bright colors best in small spaces work. In caravan, you should select those and also their surface treatment combined with mirror effect. You will feel much freer on limited space.

Important thinking in three dimensions, if it set up for small apartment

small apartment set up wohmoblie 6

Neglect not the idea to bold accents

The small rooms fit well courageous solutions. You can run certain zones with a flamboyant color.

This could be the bath or the surface of the window.

Everything finds its place, such as in the RV

set small apartment wohmoblie 3

Use open shelves

Well distributed open shelves are another very successful idea for setting up small apartments that they could steal from the camper. They give you the necessary storage space, but not too tight to see the room through their openness.

Bare walls are also a convenient storage space

You need not many shelves and cabinets to store your stuff. These take so much space. Instead can provide certain zones, with hook and hang different utility objects.

Foldable furniture is the best idea for your small apartment

small apartment set up wohmoblie 5

Buy multifunctional furniture

The fold-out and multifunctional furniture is another variant, with which you can conveniently set the small apartment. You should have also a decorative value.

Open spaces offer numerous possibilities

small apartment set up wohmoblie 2

As at that time in the holidays

small apartment set up wohmoblie 4

Fancy functionality

wohmoblie bauhaus set up small apartment

Space-saving and extendable

set small apartment wohmoblie waschetrockner

Compact and portable

small apartment set up wohmoblie waschetrockner PDAs

Use the vertical space

small apartment wohmoblie waschetrockner homeoffice bedroom set

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