Small Kitchen Set – 44 Practical Ideas For Individualisation Of The Small Room

Small kitchen set up – customize the establishment of small kitchens by practical ideas

You want a kitchen in the elegant style, then must go ahead but more practical because of the tight space in case of doubt? Small kitchen space and practical establishment close not only outside, but on the contrary: the practical ideas are an opportunity for individualization of the small kitchen area. See the following examples for yourself.

Small kitchen set up – in the kitchen make for eye-catcher

small kitchen set up beautiful flooring flower tiles metro

More storage space in white or in a monochrome colour palette

Do you have to store much? Don’t worry – you can integrate many shelves, without constricting the space visually. Just opt for the white color and already you can fill every corner with cabinets and shelves.

You also achieve a similar effect with a monochrome colour palette. In black and white.

Small kitchen set up – the white ambiance with subtle color accents spice up

kitchens white kitchen cabinets flowers fruit colored accents

Space for the cookbooks and other reading

Maybe lacking in another room to place and not in the kitchen? Do you have too many books? Perhaps, you can free some shelves in the kitchen and make the books there. This is convenient and contributes to the individualization of the small kitchen.

Small kitchen with wood accents

kitchens modern lighting pendant lamps open shelf

Lateral surface of food

Do you need extra space to sit and eat? Take advantage of a free wall to build lateral bar. That is practically the occasional coffee meals etc.,  This solution is also good if you are constantly on the move and need to occasionally do on the PC. Moreover, very chic looks as a counter, so their use is worthwhile for this reason.

Make small dining area

small kitchen ideas set white kitchen cabinets wood textures

Soak decorative products

Do you still have little furniture in the kitchen? Draw inspiration from kitchens, where the products are exhibited. They can be distributed on open surfaces and a decorative effect. This serenity contributes to the modern appearance of the kitchen and brings variety to the room.

Storage ideas for the modern small kitchen

kitchen parquet white under cabinets black accent wall

Color with strong effect

In a simple kitchen design you can choose a color that has the strongest effect. Combine with white or a different bright hue. Playful, deal with the use of the two. For example, you can run the vertical surfaces in Flash color and take some window frames.

Colorful and fresh

kitchen coloured accents floor tiles

Hanging flower pots and traffic lights

Pots take up much too much space in the cupboards and shelves. Sometimes they create there is also a complete mess. Have you already tried to hang it? We strongly recommend you to that: you will be surprised how great this practical idea actually looks.

Hanging decoration refreshes the small kitchen

kitchen equipment plant dekoideen white hanging walls

Arrangement in small islands

You can integrate not only one, but several kitchen islands in a narrow space. It fits in small kitchens, if you have little free space, you don’t want to interlock with a large dominant element. A facility can be personalized and is at the same time very practical.

Balanced kitchen utensils

kitchen kitchen islands areas secrete flooring

Great use of light

Learn it, to make the most of the effect of natural light. Integrate as many brilliant and bright work surfaces of Windows and doors that provide access to light.

LED lighting enhances the small kitchen

set small kitchen ideas fancy kitchen rear panel freestanding kitchen island

Fancy ceiling captivates the look in the kitchen

kitchen elegant furnishing ideas Brown accents

Dark, but inviting

For a small kitchen, you can choose dark furnishings. If you integrate mirror surfaces, the kitchen look will be inviting and at the same time very chic and elegant.

Classic color accents in the kitchen

set small kitchen black accent wall wooden floor

Storage space for books in the kitchen

small kitchen set up books kitchen island bar stool order pendant light

Large working area in the small kitchen

Small kitchen set up large work area window tulips

Colored kitchen cabinets as a Catcher in the small kitchen

set small kitchen coloured kitchen cabinets white stone wall open shelf

Stylish kitchen with plenty of storage space

small kitchen set kitchen island kitchen lighting pendant

Golden and black – a trendy combination

small kitchen wood accents black bar stool set

Direct lighting in the kitchen

set small kitchen ideas beautiful lighting beige kitchen cabinets open shelves

A small kitchen

small kitchen set up white kitchen cabinets carpet runners flowers Strip

Pendant lights hanging over the dining area

small kitchen set small kitchen island flooring contrasts transparent bar stool

Make the small kitchen in shades of Brown

small kitchen set kitchen table dark brown wall tiles hanging lamps

The small kitchen is very modern set up

small kitchen open living plan colored bar stool wood accents set

The open kitchen cabinets are convenient and modern

small kitchen open Wall shelves set up floor tiles

Combine white and wood

set small kitchen open Wall shelves wood dishes exhibit

The Red mirror surfaces are beautiful accents in the kitchen

small kitchen set up red accents kitchen cabinets

Modern and functional kitchen in white

small kitchen side set up a kitchen island

Combine subtle colours in the kitchen

small kitchen set kitchen island large working surface

Modern interior design ideas in black and white

small kitchen set small breakfast nook black accent wall

Bring vibrancy in the small room!

small kitchen white bar stool set light grey worktop mosaic kitchen re wall

small kitchen set up white furnishings freestanding kitchen island

small kitchen set up white kitchen cabinets storage ideas

small kitchen set up white upper cabinets wood flooring kitchen

kitchen failed dekoideen hanging plant coloured kitchen tiles

kitchen fancy kitchen island wood accents white kitchen cabinets

kitchen lighting ideas of kitchen island bar stool window protection

kitchen elegant colored accents white wall tiles dining area

kitchen open Wall shelves white metro tiles

kitchen appropriate lighting

kitchen yellow accents modern kitchen island storage dekoideen

kitchen large working surface strips carpet less space

kitchen of kitchen island bar stool beige curtains wooden floor

kitchen kitchen island wood textures white walls

kitchen storage ideas of work area carpet runners

kitchen white furnishings wood texture-colored carpet runners beautiful lighting

kitchens white kitchen cabinets carpet runner small wall tiles

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