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round small kitchen dining table set

Space-saving solutions for small kitchens

In modern kitchens, it’s much on the pairs of modern aesthetics and intelligent functionality. This bias is symbolized by a touch of minimalist magic, where you can experience cuisine from Elmar given the slim.

This very intelligent-made kitchen was designed taking into account the needs of the customers. She is especially suitable for small city apartments.

You make many kitchens to collapse into the chaos of unorganized cooking. All right, multi functionality, practicality and ELAN is slim!

The most outstanding characteristic of the kitchen represents includes great new technologies that bring out the most of your kitchen. Facilities like easy table, sliding table, Monoblocco Küceninsel and wing table help you to pull the serving and working areas, only when you need them.

Small kitchen set

small kitchen set kitchen island white

The original Elmar also includes a pull-out dining table system kitchen. Quite strong even the dulcimer has impressed us, which disappears into the kitchen island, when to not use it. The small dimensions of the kitchen make sure also that you will need very little space, this every day effectively used to.

In addition to decorations, which heraurutschen and easily disappear, the cuisine offers also floating shelves and hidden cabinets that serve as a beautiful display areas. They were created so to fit well on your own living plan.

White kitchen cabinets

kitchen set up pure opulent white

Wall shelves – background wooden

small kitchen set kitchen island

Futuristic and compact design

small kitchen cabinets

Folding table as a dining table

small kitchen set sink folding table chairs plate

Black lamp shade effect here strikingly

kitchen set up black Lampshade kitchen block

Mix of textures and colors

small kitchen set up modern kitchen island

Kitchen stool before the folding table

small kitchen set up white minimalist

Built-in kitchen cabinet

small kitchen set kitchen block black wood wall panel

Pull-out kitchen countertop

small kitchen set up minimalistic onion

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