Small Kitchens Will Represent A Compact Kitchen Design

small kitchens white work area window

So small kitchens serve more effectively in winter

The summer is over and now we stay a longer time in the House. Whether that is good or bad, every man for himself can appreciate. Small Kitchens can be not only just as effective as the large, but even more convenient. Space and good design make it possible that you there practically do everything, without having to move from the place.

Modern and functional small kitchen

small kitchens beautiful accent wall functional dining table

A darker ground attracts the attention in the small kitchen

small kitchens black ground round dining table

Organize your life

The small kitchens are something very special. They represent a challenge for the design. But at the same time, the projects there are a unique chance to develop their skills in setting up and decorating. No difficulties in other areas who is good in small kitchens design, will feel afterwards.

Free-standing kitchen island with many features

small kitchens kitchen island pendants white paint

Small kitchen with an attractive wall decoration

small kitchens set up cool kitchen rear bar stool

The disorder

First, you need to get the clutter under control. Not form a, that the larger room this is a decisive advantage. It’s always up to the simplification and the freeing of unnecessary, superfluous objects. Look at all the tools, cutlery and crockery pieces, which are accumulated there. Do you really need it?

The order is decisive in the small kitchen

small kitchens set up practical ideas kitchen island

More work surface in the kitchen

They have already a work surface, but it is not sufficient? This is a common problem. Have you thought that to convert the sink by a removable plate in additional work surface?

Create an additional work surface

small kitchen small wall tiles kitchen work

Small kitchen with a large work area

small kitchens set up small wall tiles white floor tiles

Dark kitchens

We usually automatically present the small kitchens in bright shades. So we brighten up the room and it feels bigger.

Contrasts make the small kitchen look great

small kitchens dark kitchen cabinets white wall tiles

Actually, small kitchens can be but also dark. A dark shade suits you better, you have not. The pleasant feeling is rather related to the good lighting. Recessed on the bottom side of the cabinets in a double way would contribute to this effect. On the one hand, illuminate and highlight your work surface. At the same time raise the kitchen cabinets as great accents in the room above!

Here are some other tips for lighting in small kitchens:

Equip the shelves with LED strips.
Insert LED strips at the bottom of the cabinets to better illuminate your work area.
Choose pendant lamps, and add them to the existing lighting system.

Replacing old lights with new.
To spread the light in the small kitchen, put a mirror on the wall.

Small kitchen with wall mirror

small kitchens set up ideas white kitchen island pendant lamp

Storage ideas for small kitchens

We conclude with some storage ideas, through which you can accommodate more things in small kitchens. Leave at the same time summarise what dish takes up the most space. These are the objects on which you have to think especially when you set up your work area. Here is our list, which combines both aspects:

Special cabinets or shelves for pots;
Storage space on the wall for the cooking instruments;
Stash furniture for the things that you can not immediately concede.
More working space;
Additional shelves for the little things you need again and again;

Functional wall decoration

small kitchens set up ideas wall decoration black wall

Arrange the dishes

small kitchens set up dish arrange room organizing

Put on functional hideaway furniture

small kitchens practical ideas of functional furniture

We wish you pleasant hours in your small kitchen.

Small kitchen with open Wall shelves

small kitchens set up white kitchen cabinets open Wall shelves

Grey accents

small kitchens functional wall decoration dish arrange

Simple design

small kitchens bright kitchen cabinets wood floor cool bar stool

Create a welcoming small kitchen

small kitchen wood floor dining table retro fridge