Small Rooms Set Up – 7 Examples Of Flexible Living Space Design

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small rooms set up small Wohnzommer examples

Establish small spaces – clever solutions for living room

In the living room all family members are usually the most. Here is played, relaxed, read, watched TV and much more. Because not everyone from lush space can benefit, innovative solutions are needed. Small spaces in large space saver can turn only with thoughtful Interior. We will show you various examples how cramped living quarters can be sensibly set up

7 practical examples for the flexible design of living room

small rooms set up Wohnzommer examples of Interior design ideas

1. closed systems of order

Happening in the living room a large part of everyday life, can take it usually not long until a certain disorder. Various little things lay siege to the area and in households with children, also the floor is quick to set fully. Clean up should be the daily errands just in small living spaces. Only in this way, a neat impression and a welcoming atmosphere can be created. To ensure this, furniture with closed doors should be preferred. Many things can be seemingly invisible stored in them. Thanks to clear fronts, the space is thus equally much tidier and nicer. Open shelves bring a chaotic appearance with him, however, and overwhelm the eye.

2. functional sofa

If no separate bed and breakfast ready is for guests, you still would not compromise at the hospitality, we recommend a comfortable double sofa bed. Such upholstered furniture combine two essential elements of living in a system: A comfortable seat and sunbathing opportunity to rest and an attractive bed for visitors. The selection is now virtually limitless. From Compact 2-seaters that become the generous sunbathing area with a few over space-saving corners with sleep function up to minimalist models in mini size matching there is something for every taste. You can get an impression from the diverse range of sofa beds online in the furniture shop Cnouch gain. There are presented more than 1,000 different upholstered furniture, including a well-stocked range of variants including sleep function.

Clever interior design ideas

small rooms set up practical Wohnzommer sofa examples

3. mobile boxes

Kids love to play it in the living room. Finally they are often prefer close to the parents. Keep the toy are not after the games, a separate place to clean up must be created. Mobile boxes with rolesare predestined for this job. Let fill quickly, ensuring that even the smallest joy of clean up have. Beautiful design, such systems be integrated visually appealing in the home landscape.

4. furniture in one

In small living areas, it can be quickly close once guests announce themselves. To respond in the short term, stools are an excellent alternative to chairs. Access aware to designs which can be committed not only to sit, but also as a table . So you can spontaneously react in different situations and extend the storage space as needed.

5 create additional storage space

Small spaces are quite large, if they inspire with additional counter space. Side table, which let themselves slide into each other are essential. Many manufacturers make such furniture usually in packs of three. While each table has a different size, which allows the assembling. When not in use, the space is kept to a minimum.

6 niches for intelligent storage

Niches arise especially in old buildings frequently. Not always be avoided as well as newer real estate can niche . Sometimes they are even wanted to give rooms an individual charm. If you also have niches in their living room, they should use properly. Especially in small rooms it is important to waste any space. Consider what items or furniture there could be accommodated. No appropriate solution should be found, home-builtstorage systems with simple shelves are convenient. In this way, you can perfectly customize the system to your needs.

7 up high

The potential of the land is quickly exhausted in small spaces. If bottom is no more room and you still need to store things, it’s worth to expand their horizons and to look at the height. The upper third of the premises remains unused in many places, although plenty of space to arrange shelves and hanging furniture is arising here. Also lamps or suspension systems can be installed in this area. Over the door mounted racks not interfere so that there easily could be storage space. But also on TV furniture or upholstery trimmings, opportunities arise.

Small spaces big

small rooms set up Wohnzommer shapes examples


Small spaces must allow you, don’t despair. With some creativity, turn your living room into a cozy haven of peace and order. Inspired by the ideas discussed here and check your housing situation with a critical eye. You will surely find some opportunities for positive change.

More tips and suggestions

As one develops best solutions in a confined space, the following video of the Galileo programme shows. In this episode, an architect proves how you can comfortably stay in Cologne’s narrowest House.

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More professional tricks for small spaces were grouped in the online edition of the magazine Brigitte . Explained there among others Architect Dr. Dagmar Bremer: “In small spaces you can create distance, by debating the doors or in the door frame is glass.”

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