So You Get More Out Of Your Small Living Room

6 helpful tips

So you get more out of your small living room

The living room is the focal point of each House or of each apartment. Here we spend the most valuable not necessarily most of the time, but definitely. If we have time, then we pull out into the living room and here we receive guests. Therefore the room should look too pretty. With a few helpful tips and tricks, you can visually enlarge even small living quarters and out beautifully clean.

small living room can come out pretty big if you observe a few basic tips and tricks.

Small living room can come out pretty big if you observe a few basic tips and tricks. There are many ways to enlarge them visually and functionally to set up. Source of image: robinimages2013 – 140124130 /

Bright colors

During the renovation of the living room, there are some things to consider. Small rooms are also dark. Therefore you should sit in the colours on light colours. If the living room including the oppressive sloping or dark corners, shining ensures white even then a bright and friendly room, if relatively little light through the window, for example, in the autumn and winter. But of course it must be not always white. Who would not renounce some wall color, which simply chooses a delicate pastel tone. Area large furniture such as the sofa should be also not too dark. For example, a shade of gray suits white walls. It then brings color of decorative elements in the room, who may be quietly bright and increase the contrast.

Functional furniture

Meanwhile, there are many great furniture that is both stylish and functional. And unlike before there is genuine designer pieces. Functionality sometimes not fall at the first glance. So it makes sense to choose a side table that has not only a space for the teacup and the book, but at least one more, most lowered. There is for example to pile up his coffee-table books or magazines.

Large footstool, which fit to the sofa, but due to their surface also super serve as a coffee table are a great piece of furniture with two functions. Simply put a large tray and exploit the dual functionality. And the beautiful: get even more guests, can contact some of them to a comfortable stool.

Obviously extendable, folding tables are the classic Grandma already knew. Even designer models usually somewhere have a hook that conjures up a table-top. Also ensembles are perfect. So you can push the smaller coffee table beautifully under the larger. You need more table space, because there is, you just pulled out.

Less is more

It delivers a small living room with all sorts of things, it is quickly pressed. Good design thrives on open spaces. Instead of a sprawling lawn you should decide therefore prefer a small sofa that you supplemented by Chair or other small seating areas. This can be also easily moved when you for example need to accommodate overnight guests. More seating increase the space, at least felt. Also, the living room with armchairs can be transformed more often and faster times.

Also a cabinet wall kills more than several small furniture. Stupid only when one has accumulated so much stuff that you need plenty of storage space. A parade is the perfect opportunity to get rid of old ballast. Then it works again with the breath in the living room!

Create storage space

But clearly, everything you can not from missten. Much is simply required or is too nice to leave the House. Then nothing else, than to create storage space. Instead of even a shelf next to the TV, you should do rather, as in New York: build in height! Shelves or cabinets are often also available with matching attachments, then reaching up to the ceiling. Up there you can place things, already rarely needed. Such constructions Rob no valuable space, but take advantage of already unused area. And they have also hardly affect the sense of space. Mostly, the difference is not striking. It is also well served who uses the storage space of the sofa. Many sofa beds have such voids for linen. Meanwhile, other sofas have drawers as some pull out bed.


Mirrors are the classic, if you want to visually enlarge a room. A mirror reflecting the opposite open spaces and provides almost an optical illusion. And the institution experts from are still a valuable Note: to hang the mirror opposite the window or at a right angle to one, then this directs the light from the outside to inside and beautifully illuminates the small living room. The effect of optical magnification and illumination but actually occurs, a large mirror is better than for example many small.


Not only mirror, but also images help to make the room look bigger. Right, who has a small living room, which has little space for art. But space is in the smallest hut, which applies just to the art. In the selection of images, you should pay attention to the format. Images in portrait mode optically stretch the space and let him appear altogether larger. And pictures are focal points for the eye. The more of them there are, the space in the eye of the beholder appears greater. Therefore, you should tastefully decorate a small room. To take advantage of the bright wall color but not to niece remake, you should to pave the walls not with images. Applies also here: less is more. Also on it, make sure that art is itself not too bleak.

Source of image: robinimages2013 – 140124130 /