Spa At Home – You Create A Spa Atmosphere!

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wellness facility atmosphere creating pool spa

Interior design ideas for SPA atmosphere in your own home

The time sometimes is not enough for a short holiday in a cosy SPA hotel. Therapy, water massage – all that can also take you to you home relaxation, aroma. We offer you a few ideas for SPA atmosphere in your own home.

That all known saying to the mountains and Mohamed was fully to the fore in this case. If you are not a few days off can make hotel to relax in the SPA, you build the SPA at home conditions.

Wellness facilities at home

wellness facility at home candles cloths romantic relaxing

You think necessary and suitable for the implementation of the SPA appropriate cosmetic procedures – bathroom with shower, body lotion, massage oil, massage gloves, thermal mask for the face. Choose a scent that soothes you and buy scented candles or stick with their help you will give the room a pleasant aroma. Well, you can use other objects, such as for example a small foot bath with various massage options. To enjoy more convenience, all SPA store instruments in a large tray or in a basket along with with clean towels.

Wä choose a room where you concede the procedures theirWellness facility at home bathroom tub Spa conditions

Usually, most people choose the bathroom because some procedures require such conditions, or because you connect this area with cleanliness, tranquility, relaxation. Others prefer the bedroom because you relax there easier.

Bathroom in a modern style – frosted glass walls

wellness facility bathroom house design frosted glass wall

Decorate with neutral colors, to the nervous system not unnecessarily tig to charge. Set to a discreet lighting and mild temperature in the room. The stone interior, the mosaic and the furniture made from natural materials are set up among the favourites at the SPA.

Natural materials enhance the pleasant atmosphere Bathroom furnishings Spa design wellness wood nature

Forbidden in the SPA of the television and the computer, stay room because they decrease your energy and attention. It is allowed and is even desirable that you soft turn on music itself, which will help you to forget the everyday life – the sounds of nature are preferred here.

Here are 3 idea for SPA procedures at home

You can buy water massage – have shower cubicles with hydromassage features, also you can find moving showers on the market, which regulate the Wasserstömung with warm water best oak, where they him simultaneously with water massage the body. The water massage is good for the skin, combats cellulite, improves the blood circulation and has a refreshing effect.

Cool, refreshing Ambientewellness facility at home ideas bathroom glass walls

Milk bath – the strength of the milk as a product with healthy and verschönendem effect, known since ancient times.  Bathe in milk – that was a hallmark of Cleopatra, and today can at home enjoy this magic with you. To do this, take 2 tablespoons honey, 200 ml milk, 2 tablespoons of sea salt and a few drops in a tub rose oil.

Private sector, where it rests

wellness House Spa Hotel design bathroom private

SPA procedure for the feet – in a small foot tub filled with warm water, add 3 tablespoons of salt, 1 tablespoon sea salt and about wrapped Lavender flowers. Soak your feet for about 15-20 minutes, where you pour hot water twice. After you take out the feet, massage them with peelings of 1 teaspoon of lavender oil, brown sugar (as much as the skin) and rinse. It is recommended that you immediately tighten Termosocken after drying the feet to keep warm and the skin smooth.

Bedroom in white – positive energy

wellness facility at home bedroom light atmosphere

interior of wellness ideas design Spa living room Next images make house design and interior design, the setting is relaxing and pleasant to the senses

Ergonomic leather chairs for relaxation

modern relaxing loungers Relax Wellness leather

A real retreat

spa establishment Hotel House pool retreat

The nature – the most powerful energy

know setting up wellness glass walls bedroom nature environmentSpa atmosphere – specially equipped room

wellness design loungers relax at home relaxing relax warm atmosphere – wood furnishings and large glass walls wellness facility House living room glass walls wood kitchen minimalist and of course in white with stunning views of the mountains wellness facility to home design living room white furniture

Sustainable construction and architecture in the Green

wellness facility at home exterior facadeyou are inspired by the whimsical designs and architectural structures? wellness facility at home seating Garden Court exotic

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