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cabinet system folding bed storage sofa carpet

The folding bed saves space and comfort

Decorating small spaces can be a big challenge. If you not disciplined deal enough with the stuff, which you purchase can be all this into a nightmare.

Smart and space-conscious solutions can solve all these problems with elegance and ease. Certainly, the folding bed plays an essential role in this respect. If you have lived for a time in a hours ducks hostel, then you know is probably already with the topic.

But don’t be fooled: the contemporary designers have further developed the idea. With these beds you can start much more, as they only aggregated and expand.

folding bed sofa red carpet open shelf system

Today, we want your attention on bed- sofa-set systems. Through this, you could benefit at the same time from the comfort of the beds and the sofa.

No matter how different are the variations, all of these have the following particularly great properties: they are super comfortable, luxurious and adaptable.

Exclusive and expansive swings

Modern folding beds reserved alone the bedroom facilities. On the basis of the swing model, you can clearly see how to make a work of art from this type of furniture. Whose properties provide benefits that go far beyond the minimal.

They were made so that they can become an integral part of each contemporary room. You are offered by R & S CLEI and PierLuigi Colombo. This bed sofa combination wins their style and great potential.

Here the sofa features dual armrests. Still, it shows an L shape, which can be installed in three different positions.

Folding bed behind the sofa

folding bed sofa grey black carpet wall shelf

Murphy bed is comfortable and practical

bed Murphy bed black carpet wall shelf

You can see also a backrest, lively wall with floating shelves and wide storage area under the sofa. The ideal addition to the elegant single houses and cool room represents the latter.

Obviously, double bed with an innovative slatted frame saver is the icing on the cake. Is this not a space-saving solution, in which aesthetics and ergonomics are a great unit?

L shaped sofa

bed of L-shaped sofa

Open shelf system

folding bed sofa white carpet open shelf system

Folding beds with storage

space-saving folding bed sofa white carpet Orange shelf

Warm colour scheme

bed Murphy bed white carpet sofa

Shelves, storage area and sofas

Do you suffer from lack of space? Then it will be certainly useful for you, to combine couch, bed, and even the Home Office into one compact unit. Do you like this idea? If Yes, then Nuovoliola is the right thing for you certainly!

The table can be folded when not in use. With additional storage area and an elegant silhouette, everything is in place can be held and removed without any stress. With the additional storage area and the elegant silhouette, all without any problems can be removed.

This unit is suitable for people who save every square meter.


space-saving folding bed white sofa carpet Cabinet

It also contains a Home Office

space-saving folding bed sofa work corner

Interior design ideas with folding beds

folding bed sofa Murphy bed white carpet

Thick carpet in Brown

bed sofa Murphy bed white

Piece of furniture with Murphy bed

folding bed sofa Murphy bed carpet Cabinet

Bed and desk put together

bed Murphy bed storage desk PC

Double comfort

Most folding beds show a vertical orientation, if they are not used. In the case of Circe, we have to do with a horizontal fold out double bed. Here they brought also additional space for books and accessories. The perfect accessory for the small space, this seems to be. Thus a work area can be equipped.

The wall unit in the couch in white and grey provide a visual contrast and subscribe to the most Interior perfectly, providing a neutral color palette.

Designed by Giulio Manzoni, Circe makes for a chic style statement.

Would so a piece of furniture for your living room fit well?

Black and white décor

living ideas bed Murphy bed white sofa Red Wall

White accents

living ideas bed Murphy bed white sofa Red Wall decoration

Folding beds for more storage space

sofa bed of black cabinet system

Smart Closet System

living ideas bed Murphy bed of black cabinet system

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