Spatial Vision – 33 Clever Ideas For The Wall – And Floor Design

Spatial vision or depth perception of objects and objects

The American film, the power of love from the year 1922 laid the foundation stone for the development of the 3D technology, because he considered the este 3D movie at all. His heyday the 3D cinema but in the 50-IES, wanted to attract the general public in the cinemas by various cunning tricks and attract the attention of viewers. Crafty cinema operators brought vibrating seats used to mimic short bursts of power, and were at during the screening an inflatable skeleton before the screen fall down, to increase the completeness of illusion and to awaken more fear and terror. In the course of time it unfolded his full artistic potential and put more and more innovative ideas, to challenge in this way our visual perception. In the today’s 3D art and reality interweave, the viewers are dragged into the plot and dive into a parallel world.

Where is the secret of 3D technology?

Actually all our focus and angle of view depends. Our eyes register the light stimuli and lead these impulses to the brain. Here is their processed – the detection of elements and their interpretation. With the 3D technology to show the same moving image, not from the same angle, the two eyes but but the two stimuli of light within a certain distance from each other. Through these artificially generated error a spatial impression of depth and the Brain absorbs the otherwise flat representation as a 3D model.

And what’s with the 3D technology in painting? Here we are talking about anamorphosischen presentations – these can be properly viewed only from a particular viewing point and interpreted by the brain. Edgar Müller, Kurt Vener, Manfred Stader and Julian Beever are among the most popular creators in this art form. Their dredimensionalen photos decorate walls of many exhibition halls and the streets of numerous cities around the world and considered to be a real tourist magnet – the artists bring a so fine optical illusion on the canvas that you can no longer trust his own eyes!

The German artist Edgar Müller and his stunning works:

A 3D display in the seaside town of Dún Laoghaire in Ireland

edgar muller project

Spatial vision – the project of the artist from the year 2012 in Gorky Park in Moscow, Russia

edgar mueller street art

Spatial vision – Manfred Staders passion for street art ENT leveled in his student years in Frankfurt am Main.

Since then, he is one of the best representatives of Anamorphosis worldwide and has been awarded several times in this area

manfred stader illusions

manfred stader and the dredimensionalen images

manfred stader and his way

The self-employed artist Julian Beever works with some world famous companies, its

Use 3D images as advertisements


julian beever art

3D as a fancy interior design

Imagine that you could create yourself a parallel world in your home to retreat again and again in this new and unexplored environment and recover your vital force and energy by this little escape from the busy everyday life. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well then… just do it! Through different colorful designs, you can bring the rain forest, the rich flora and fauna, the ocean, the night sky with its myriad flamboyant stars or even the universe to you home! Moreover, can prepare genuine surprise and delight your children, by the children’s room through a 3D, you turn into a magical adventure world!

Spatial vision – by the appropriate wallpaper you can bring nature right in the House

the forest home bring

A small hole in the floor leads to a different exotic and exciting world

dimensional motif on the floor

The long-extinct dinosaurs are called to live

Dino sour from the wall

Spatial vision – escape the rut

fresh ideas for the apartment

Also quite simple patterns create a unique optical illusion

yellow white 3D motifs in the living room

Pretty interesting and fresh designs, a stunning atmosphere

innendesign ideas for the wall design

Spatial vision – if you live in the basement and not enough sunlight to get, then you can refresh your home decor with this 3D-Fenstermuster

interesting decoration

Even on cold winter days you can lie in the Sun

interesting ideas for wall decoration

Living room floor or rather the seabed?

Ocean floor as floor design

Spatial vision – full many colorful patterns are available in assortment

modern incursions to the apartment design

If you don’t come to the ocean, the ocean to you must be!

raemliches see the floor design

About this facility to please for your taste?

see spatial in the apartment

A piece of heaven for you?

very chic wall decoration

Spatial vision – a clever idea for those who miss the winter already

# Murals-in-3D-1 3D wall design

A stunning visual illusion

living room design

In the following you find some different beautiful 3D-Muster for your home:

The white doves Herald the beginning of spring

living room ideas

dresimensionales see home

Let it… Into space!

outlandish ideas for making

dredimensionale images in shaping

create a little OASIS

Innovative 3D-Ideen for the design of the bathroom are becoming increasingly important

aisgefallene ideas of for home

Floor design in the bathroom

dredimensionale motifs in the bathroomshower

interesting floor design in the bathroom

interesting ideas for bathroom

see spatial in the bathroom

Turn the bedroom into a real OASIS!

three-dimensional look in the bedroom

see spatial in the bedroom

Are you looking for original and creative design ideas for the nursery?

that turn children into jungle

children have fun

Child room design smart ideas

Child room music