Stairs From Glass For A Contemporary Appearance

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living room design ideas staircase glass

Glass stairs look modern and extravagant

The application of glass has been spread by leaps and bounds in the last decade. One of the most obvious reasons is the progress of the manufacturing process, characterized by a wide variety of surfaces and large selection. Let alone the fact that glass is one of the main materials of some of the more prominent buildings. All these factors have brought the importance of glass to a new level.

Avenue Apple store in New York is one of the distinctive examples of architecture for glass. Today it has one of world-famous stairs, which is there at all. It was designed by the architect Peter Bohlin. According to his own words, Steve Jobs played a very important role in the establishment of the glass in a fundamental element in the architectural design of Apple.

Stylish interior design ideas with glass stairs

stairs glass contemporary purple wallpaper

Since then, interest in staircases made of glass seems a new to have reached very high levels. Everyone seems to want to have as a staircase like this from Apple. While you can customize color da great she so beautifully with a little twist here and a touch. Stairs glass-clad bring quite a few advantages. Of course, there are obvious problems with the care. Little are the things which come close to the hot character of these structures in the slightest. Because they achieve incomparable drama and grandeur.

Modern interior design ideas

glass staircase modern interior design ideas great window

Staircase made of glass with metal railings

spiral staircase glass metal railing

Floating staircase made of glass

floating stairs glass decorating


minimalist furnishing ideas floating staircase glass decoration

Glass elements create a light effect

stairs from glass contemporary light effect

Exclusive dining room design

exclusive design ideas stair railings glass dining room

A glassy swing between the floors

When it comes to the glass design, seen in spiral-shaped miracle which we obsessively turns around. They immediately become a focal point in any room. Why not by the miracles to guide you and enter the higher levels of this glass staircase? Such additions look spectacular, but they are not for Ängstige. Even with a robust banisters, which offer great security, this comes to the fore. This soon becomes clear’s Dizzy’s is who in height. Glass makes the room appear higher. Even very stable fortified constructions look like as if they float in the air.

Elegant interior decisions

living room design ideas stairs spiral glass sofa

Spiral staircase looks like a work of art

living room design ideas dramatic spiral stairs from glass sofa

Spiral stairs you can save space in an elegant manner. The modern apartments that take straight lines in use, is also achieved a welcome contrast. Mesmerizing and overpowering, spiral stairs provide an incomparably powerful statement.

Stylish corridor with glass stairs

floating stairs from glass decorating corridor table

Lighting built into the metal

floating stairs from glass corridor design

Elevator made of glass

elevator staircase glass corridor design ideas

Unique wall art ideas

contemporary corridor spiral staircase glass paintings art

Space saving spiral stair

space saving spiral stairs from glass living room dining room

Function, which follows the shape

If the speech is from glass stairs, home owners have concerns about the practical side of such steps. Now, we will not try to persuade that these steps as practical as the wood are you. Because they are not. That doesn’t mean but by far that they will break if you get with too much force on it. The most glass stairs have a special non-scratch treatment. So, you could use a base load without additional measures. The most glass stairs will not break unless you go with a purpose hammer.

Glass stairs for a striking interior design

stylish stairs glass corridor design ideas

Tempered glass brings colour

interior design ideas staircase tempered glass

I consider thoroughly all these facts about the glass stairs as a practical addition. The function unit here clearly in the background, when you think about these shiny beauties. Most designers would you recommend using a different staircase, and this glass – rather less often. If you children and / pets have, this is also not a good option. If you want to use this, be prepared for the work, which follows afterwards.

Floating staircase made of glass

modern floating stairs from glass corridor

Glass staircase with metal elements

staircase glass metal elements interior design ideas

Sort items in the living room

living room design ideas straight flight of stairs from glass sofa table

Contemporary interior design ideas in the corridor

contemporary corridor stairs from glass metal elements

Gorgeous glass staircase and decorating in the corridor

stairs and railings from glass living room design ideas

Combination of different textures

Remember the glass stairs as to an intelligent method for combination of different materials. Do you live in a House that is filled with concrete, stone and wood? Then, the glass staircase will provide compensation. Glass stairs also allow the light to wander freely here and here. Ventilation will never be a problem and this is true even for the “difficult” conditions in the corners. Sand-blasted glass staircases etched based are ideal, because they ensure the flow of light.

But they also solve the issues with the protection of the private area which is connected with the use of glass.

Smart dining room

smart dining room under the staircase glass fireplace

Glass and wood together

interior design ideas corridor staircase glass wood

Glass stairs are always an integral part of Apple appearance. You are looking for currently even a way to secure a patent for these constructions, which decorate their buildings. One thing is clear: the glass architecture has convert the retail and residential architecture in the last decades. Certainly, the stairs from glass also play a fundamental role in this context.

Industrial kitchen

interior design ideas industrial kitchen staircase glass

Living room with original design

stairs glass contemporary modern living room metal elements

Living in the industrial style

living room design ideas of industrialist style straight staircase glass leather furniture

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