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A stone wall in the garden brings you into eternity

Maybe you’re a gardener, which constantly takes care of his treasures in the garden. Maybe you have decorations, waterfalls or fountains, different floor coverings, or even a pool many plant species and interior architecture in your garden. Some of us are more linked than on their personal stuff on her garden. If you are also among this group, you can continue to think and experiment. Our proposal today is to integrate a stone wall in the exterior architecture.

Combine aesthetics and practicality

walkway with a low stone wall design

Imagine how many functions a stone wall. The first and for me the most important role of the stone wall is that it creates a feeling of eternity. Everything passes, the plants die and return to the world, the plants flower beds can be formed at any time, you can change the lighting. What can you do with the stone? Maybe you want to a stone wall in our garden are only built to constantly remind us, that we are not gods, that we can control everything, that we only temporarily inhabit this Earth like flowers.

Fashion with different, more shaped stones

Steimauergestaltung with Mehrförmigen stone types

In addition to the psychological effect, the stone wall has another important function, it serves as a supporting wall. Whether you opt for a drywall or natural stone, or sandstone wall, be with such a project more stability back up your garden.

External architecture with stones and pallets

Steimauergestaltung-pallet building

Art project

wall off stones kind of project

Mix concrete and natural stone

stone wall from concrete

The stone flower

stone wall exterior type

Build fence of stones

wall from stone building as fence

Stone stairs

stone wall building Flagstone walkway

Unique decoration

stone wall decoration with trees

Decorate with sunny flowers

stone wall garden ideas


stone wall figures like arch

Stone wall design of mosaic

stone wall design from Mosaic

Installation database

wall from stone design ideas built-in wooden bench


stone wall In the garden building

Stairs and bench seat

wall from stones In the garden figures In the shade levels and seating area

Low design idea

wall from stones In the garden integrate drywall low

Waterfall in the garden

stone wall with a waterfall

Serpentine stone wall

stone wall serpentine as fence building

Dry wall with colorful plants

drywall construction colorful flowers

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