Storage Ideas And Creative Living Ideas – Wire Shelves For Any Room

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Storage ideas that you in your apartment could easily use

Which is the first Association, which you make with the word “Wire shelves” in conjunction? I am thinking of storage space in the garage!

But I would like to change this general idea and you think of shelves full sense and style can be at some chic, modern, useful. Are you ready?

Wire Shelving in the kitchen

When I look at this image here, I think of a happy place. The soft pink colors, the Green and the white silver play shades in metals all together so beautifully, you almost forget that this is a kitchen rule entity. It’s simply brilliant, as well as with the pots and pans like harmonize these shelves with the metals of the microwave. This simple device is so chic and so totally useful and has an important purpose in the kitchen.

11 wire shelves for any room in your home

storage room ideas interior design ideas wire shelves kitchen kitchen ideas

The combination of metal and wood could look just very boring, but the opposite is true here. This color combination is flawless and perfect for the display of beautiful plates and special units.

The opportunity to play with the height of the shelves is also very handy and brings out the metal framework of the whole unit. It’s a work of the company mezzanine interiors creation.

Extra storage options in the kitchen

kitchen set up storage room ideas interior design ideas wire shelves practical

It has reached the locker style of these elements through the use of wire chairs, which are really special. Experience the freedom to hide some things here and at the same time to bring them to the show. The open area to the ceiling is ideal in usage and really good mimics the natural elements of the upper rack. It thus provides for a wonderful balance. I absolutely love this rural chic and would call him also as modern and useful.

Wire shelf in a rustically furnished kitchen

kitchen design storage room ideas interior design ideas wire shelves

This shelf is carried out as well as the previous, but in a completely different style. On the basis of the nautical look, he seems much nicer. The woven baskets come very well in use and some lovely there is just that they don’t perfectly match.

This is certainly the winning look for a nautical kitchen

kitchen set up storage room ideas interior design ideas Wire basket shelves, boxes

Wire shelves for the living room

Firstly, the rectangular control units are super hot and this sample demonstrates also, what is the reason to do so. The squares offer enough Visual interruptions and that speaks to a modern look. The rectangular gaps between the ceiling and the floor is really fresh. We are looking at now the perfect Stiling! The books are assigned colors, not typical alphabetic order and this really ensures a Visual appealing appearance. [Image by Dehn bloom design]

Fit a wire shelf in the living room?

living room design storage room ideas interior design ideas wire shelves bookcase

Here we have works also very well a more mixture of wire and wood and it. I love it, that not all shelving must necessarily come into usage. Some are very close together in vertical ways. These design elements add the so much needed Visual interruptions on such large units, such as the one which we see above. It is fresh and new and contributes to the overall chic experience with security.

What doesn’t fit is made suitable

living room design storage room ideas interior design ideas wire shelves wood

Here we see a very straightforward and minimalist unit. You can see how effective it is when it is used as a room divider. These modular units are so great because they can be easily moved in different directions. I like it especially well, that part of this unit is minimalist and monochromatic books on the shelves. But also, it shows a lively touch with the organic shapes, scattered there. [Image via Stardust]

Stylish wire shelves can be found in your living room as a room divider room

living room design storage ideas interior design ideas room divider wire shelves bookcase

Wire shelves for bedroom, bathroom, and workspaces

Yes, this is the same metal shelf, which you have seen in the previous two kitchens. They found it so a fantastic use in the bedroom and it looks more ravishing still. On this unit is stowed a TV, accessories, books, and it has also a make-up range. The super interesting thing is that the control unit is neutral, and as you can see already myself, it can be applied everywhere.

What can be placed in a wire rack

bedroom interior design ideas Stauraumideem wire shelf basket boxes store

This mini Office is so functional that she writes almost into the wall. The wire shelf can appear the whole floating and the complementary use of the ghost Chair contributes to this ease of appearance. So, to use the small rooms in a great way. So appear not only beautiful, but they are also really useful. [Image via mezzanine interiors]

Wall shelf made of wire and wood panels in the work room

study room design ideas Stauraumideem wire shelf desk work

This rural chic look looks great in the bathroom. The shelves are classical, rural, and interesting without it too stressful. You represent Petite “tidbits”, which blend beautifully with the cryptic mirror. This is also a wonderful way to make beautiful things, such as about the perfume. [Image from Country Living]

A stylish solution for your bathroom

bathroom mirror interior design ideas Stauraumideem wire shelf

This final look is very impressive and really proves that you could use the wire shelves in many different ways. The touch of green in the plants is awesome and I really like the transitions between the various spaces especially well. Variety is the best! The shelf should combine function and storage space at the same time! None of these aspects may be missing. [Pictures are from April and may]

Aesthetically and practically at the same time

living ideas corridor design staircase storage ideas wall decoration wire shelves

I hope that you now understand how beautiful and unique shelves can really be. Give them a chance to meet your home with fresh!

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