Stylish Ideas – Interior Design By The Designer Marc Canut

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Wonderful ideas – interior designer

ideas interior designer

In the wake of this beautiful modern house by Marc Canut and as a complement to its diverse examples of wooden interior design are more triumphs of the interior design of this talented designer. This Lounge visualization is bathed in natural light that comes from the dual level design of the window. The large window must think your look up to the mezzanine.

Long corridor between the Interior and a sun deck

ideas interior designer

View slides slowly long cabinets cut to further on the walkway between the Interior and the sun deck, which is made from the same ground material. So, a seamless transition between the two areas is achieved.

Minimalist, white bedroom

ideas interior designer bedroom

The generous proportions of this bedroom appear larger due to the installation of a low-slung platform bed and the eye slides unhindered from one side to the other.

Large sliding door in the bedroom

ideas interior design by the designer Mini m tables forms

A bathroom and a dressing room behind a large sliding door.

Built-in desk with IRR regular forms

ideas interior design by the designer of irregular shapes

The irregular shape of this mounted desk gradually in the wall paneling.

An oversized headboard partition wall

ideas interior design by the designer of minimalist design

An oversized headboard serves as a dividing wall between the bedroom and dressing room.

Spa atmosphere – minimalistic style

ideas interior design by the designer Spa

These unusual bathroom creates an intimate atmosphere of spa treatment.

Classic minimalist kitchen

White minimalist kitchens design

In this extra minimalist kitchen are many thematically-oriented elements, suspended ceiling, a large round hood is placed in the middle of the kitchen.

Irregular idea for minimalist interior design

ideas interior design by the designer minimalist style

Original ideas with minimalist elements in the bathroom

ideas interior designer bathroom

Industrial appearance of the minimalist bedroom

ideas interior designer bedroom ideas

Minimalist look in the bathroom

waschenbecken washbasin two

Black attached ceiling in minimalist dining room

ideas interior designer dining room

Bright industrial bathroom – extravagant idea for the bath

ideas interior designer bathtub

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