Stylish Storage Ideas For Your Bikes

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storage ideas bicycle on the wall lounge white sofa table

Storage ideas for your bike

For many people, the stowage of the bike has been at home always a tricky question. No matter whether you live in a family of five in a House with a garage, or in a city apartment, you must confront “effective use of space” topic.

You can see things but always from different angles: for example, you can see the bicycle as an enrichment of the interior design. It could be regarded as an interesting urban element. If you want to use on a quirky design? Here are a few storage ideas for you. If the bicycles are hidden, then you have to set apart mainly with organizational tasks. So turn your garage or your basement, using some of these simple ideas below. [according to post fossil]

Storage area for bicycles within interior design

storage ideas bike store Bank shoes

I currently live in the heart of the city. Both mine and my husband’s bike are kept in the living room. As in many other city apartments, no suitable room for them can be found with us. So, when exactly you were doing and you need to keep the bike at home, then you make it a great design element. There are a number of stylish hanging systems.

This apartment here used a cycling wardrobe, to emphasize the industrial look of the room. The architect IRA Frazin has two pole used car, which he acquired in the local store. So a complete storage system is also by some companies finished offered such as Topeak B2 bike stand. To install it, you need to drill a few holes in the wall. [according to IRA Frazin architect via Houzz]

Storage system for bicycles

storage ideas bed bike leather armchair carpet

How is it mounted bike racks with wall? It has to do with different styles. Here you can see the bike wall rack. (Bicycle wall rack) [according to Minguell McQuary]

Integrate wall racks

storage ideas bike pendant lights leather bench

This gorgeous contemporary living room includes the Leonardo wall bike rack. [according to Daleet Spector design via Houzz]

Modern design in the living room

storage ideas bicycle living room table sofa carpet shelf system

If you want to enjoy the warmth of the wood? There are many different suspension systems for the wall. This example was designed by hand and you can buy it on Etsy. [according to ChromeLtd]

Storage ideas for bike

storage ideas bicycle on the wall

Wood rack on the wall

storage ideas bike wall wooden frame

Here, we have a great example, a bike rack from wood in your home would look like. [according to promenade design + build]

Bike rack from wood

storage ideas bike wall carpet table chairs

This ground floor apartment, the owners have saved space by they have hung up the bikes out of the ceiling. This is a very cost effective solution. This hack can be found at any hardware store. Just make sure that they have been firmly screwed. [according to Ryan Duebber architect]

From the ceiling hang

storage ideas bicycle on the wall bed armchair TV living room

You want to hang horizontally your bike? Then you need two hoes like this space here. [according to Glenn Robert far]

Horizontal position

storage ideas bike hanging living room stool carpet sofa vault

Here we see an idea in this style, representing a DIY project. It is a work Collier interiors of Mackenzie. Here we see how you did it. We had all the parts, such as the wire and metal tube, the pressure pipe fittings in the Home Depot. Molded part represented as a carp of metal accessories that we had used to attach the pipes to the wall. He had a thread, through which it has inserted the metal tube and mounted on the wall. You completed part of the still visible through a metal roof.

It all sounds so easy! [according to Mackenzie Collier interiors via Houzz]

DIY project

storage ideas bicycle on the Wall lamp wood table living room chairs

You have no desire for DIYs? Then you should look for companies like Etsy, which offer such solutions.

Storage area for the bicycle in your basement or in the garage

I grew up in a family of five. My parents were very athletic and have insisted that we all met our holiday with sports activities. Each of us had two bicycles. Each one had a fit model for the mountains and one for the road. Imagine only the disorder that arose every time when you had to make along the way. If it was alone and the bike was tucked somewhere back, you had to bring all who stood before that, out.

But you no longer have to go through such difficult situations. There are great solutions for storage of bicycles also for larger families.

Here you can see such a rack wall. This saves valuable space on the ground and everything looks so organized. Even for the helmets, there is a special place. The flowing wall system is a great solution, which meets the need for storage. It ensures you that you will feel better.

This will also work in your garage or basement. [according to flow wall system]

In the basement

storage ideas bike stone paving area

Have you perhaps many bikes and very little space at home? An elevator for bikes would probably be a wonderful solution. The Amie elevator system is a functional and cheap way. If you use this in your garage, you were probably able to park the car directly under the bikes. [according to Hitman solutions via Houzz]

Under the bicycle parking

storage ideas bicycle hanging living room

Here we see a very diverse and varied system of the organization. In addition, it has attached below also a shelf above the bikes in the organization system in the figure. [according to Susquenhanna garage solutions]

Storage ideas in the garage

storage ideas bike box storage

Which ideas for bicycles would make this storage room you try at home to save space?

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