Sun Protection Films For A Better Climate In The Winter Garden

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Sun protection films for a better climate in the winter garden

A Conservatory is a popular destination on sunny spring and autumn days, as well as a weather, to relax or to meet with friends on a nice chat. Due to the structural conditions on site with at least three glass surfaces, the temperatures are usually quite high during the warm season. Remedy creates a sophisticated solution with Sun protection films, which offers more advantages.

Greenhouse effect to warm up

Basically, the principle works just so that the greenhouse effect of the solar radiation is used to warm up winter garden. That is not only eco-friendly and sustainable, but also inexpensive. Will is no longer sufficient’s in the winter garden but too warm, it simply by opening the window to let air and wind in the room. In the summer, it is also recommended to use appropriate Sun protection films for regulating the temperature inside. There are different variations and quality levels, providing up to 90 percent of the sunlight. Thus, pleasant temperatures in the Interior of the winter garden are guaranteed and feel again. It is however important when choosing the films to ensure that they do not darken. After all, much of the rejected energy of the solar consists of visible light that is practically excluded due to the films.

Sun protection films for a better climate in the winter garden

Spiegeleffektegegen unwanted insight

Those who opt for tinting of several layers, which does not only something against the sunlight, but prevents unwanted insight. Because the films are made of several layers, which are partially even very thin layer coated with metal. Thus, they reflect a vast majority of the solar radiation that occurs on the window pane. Thus so-called mirror, which are certainly getting effects. If it is brighter inside the winter garden as out there, can the view be quite impaired outward. For this is possible from outside any insight inside conversely. Of course, there’s also transparent solar control filmswhich have no disruptive effects from the inside and are hardly noticeable.

Inside mounted slides are advisable

In addition to the Visual and sun protection, a sophisticated system of tinting offers light protection. This will guarantee that the device, furniture or textiles not so fast and above all not so much fading. The solar control films , in different variants, but for a winter garden, it is advisable to bring them inside. Once glued, they are in care and maintenance extremely easy to handle. It is however important to make sure to use also the right sunscreen glass. Also a mounting or installation by professionals is advisable, as autograph sticking of fast to unpleasant blistering or inaccurate presence on the glass surface can cause.

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