Sun Protection Glass And Even More Clever Tips To Prevent Heat

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Sonnenschutzglas-fresh ideas for your Sun protection

External shading protect from heat in the form of awnings and roller shutters. There are also Sun glasses and sunscreen. Who mainly protect themselves from the harsh light at noon in the summer wants to or want to have simple practical privacy, uses the best blinds. However, make sure that you choose suitable when purchasing the blinds to the remaining facility.

Awnings, rolling shutters and blinds

With awnings, rolling shutters and blinds you can do well against the heat in the summer. In part, they direct even the daylight inside. You are installed outside or between the window panes. In many systems, an automatic control is included. This means that the Sun is aimed not only to the needs of the residents, but adapts to the position of the Sun and the weather conditions. It is generally possible to retrofit. If you however want to rebuild, it makes sense just to plan a powerful Sun protection system, so that this can be included in the architectural concept and blends harmoniously into the overall picture.

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Thermal protection with solar control glass

The installation of solar control glass worth window replacement or new construction. This is equipped with a thin metallic layer, which is hardly noticeable and is visible only when. View and review they are hardly normal heat insulating glass to distinguish. The coating provides for a filtering of the rays of the Sun, so that up to 80 percent of the energy-rich infrared radiation does not reach the Interior. While the heat is filtered, the light remains the same almost.

g-value and UG-value

When Sun protection glass of the UG-value as well as the g-value is important. The g-value determines the amount of energy that is allowed into the glass in the room. High quality sun protection glass have a value of 0.20 to 0.50. This means that 20 to 50 percent of the heat in the House go. At normal heat insulating glass, it is 60 percent.

The UG-value has to do with the heat. The lower the value, the less of it is lost. The ratings here between 0.5 and 1 Watt per square meter, depending on whether it is double or triple glazing.

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Retrofitted with sunscreen

If you have no sun protection glass, can use sunscreen, which can be applied both inside and outside. The foils are attached outside, protect them better against the heat, must be replaced but more common than indoor slides. To attach, sprinkle the disc, as well as the back of the slide with a detergent dissolved in water. The mount can be difficult. If you are not sure, consult an expert better.

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Solar control films are a cheap way to protect the apartment from overheating in the summer. But because they significantly reduce the incidence of light, they are not optimal in the winter. Residents get that not only at dusk, but also on cloudy track and need to use artificial light often. Not only costs, but also the heating costs rise, as much of the Sun’s rays is locked out. With the same problem applies also when Sun protection glass.

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Dimmable sun protection glass

To find the solution for the problems of the winter in dimmable sun protection glass, which has several advantages compared to conventional solar protection glass and solar control films:

-year-round pleasant climate – winter sun can be used
-hardly darkening in winter

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Thanks to the variable value of g, the space aufheizende solar energy can be barred in the summer while she freely get in the cold season at lowest level in.

Sun protection is for many Germans in the House not only important, but also outside. Learn here how you optimally protect your patio from Sun.

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