Super Creative Living Ideas In An Apartment In Romania

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interior design ideas living room design kitchen

Practical interior design ideas

A theme that we on Freshideen love the apartments pose, what designer for themselves set up . It’s exactly about this in today’s article. Cristina Bordoiu comes from Romania, is a designer and has allowed the world an insight in their great apartment. Is characterised by among other things their love for cycling and to the nature, which very clearly come to the fore.

She herself said that she once a bike has seen integrated in a bathtub. It was super great and decided one day to do something also. The best way has been in the design their been home in the small town of Arad. Here you will find stunning Interior design ideas.

Smart set up small apartment

interior design ideas living room TV cabinet carpet table

At of the color palette love comes to mother nature to the fore. Everything was carried out in natural beige. Red and green also at thesen furnishing ideas mixed.

Compactness and comfort

interior design ideas living room TV cabinet green sofa

The apartment has only 40 qm Area. It has removed all the walls and all combined in a shared apartment. Meaningfully to broke the whole thing through various methods of the designer. Ultimately, only the bathroom was separated from the remaining space.

Wall cupboard with mirror

interior design ideas living room wall cabinet decorating

At the entrance you will find a mirror. Behind it is actually hidden the wardrobe. The remaining space is divided into parallel surfaces. It has a lounge in the central part of the room. On the one hand, he was through the kitchen, and on the other – through transparent mobile shelves marked.

Practical interior design ideas

interior design ideas living room design living room

From there you can look in the bedroom so. This is located on the other side of the reticulate wall.

Integrated workplace

interior design ideas bedroom bed storage

In the bedroom is square for a double bed not only, but also for a job. This idea of living works very well on restricted arean. It has provided the wall still with a kind aprons. These protect them from contamination.

We look at the job up close but now once again! It includes floating shelves and a hanging lamp. At the same time, it meets the function of a work surface.

Yellow chairs create visual interest

living ideas yellow chairs its


living ideas shelf system bed storage sofa

Christina takes into consideration the probability, that might at some point want to make in the bedroom by creative living ideas for more privacy. She why hung curtains with a reddish color. This you can then withdraw or stretch out.

Kitchen set

interior design ideas kitchen worktop kitchen rear panel

The kitchen is also not very large and is very tight. You have here an table in favor of a kitchen island dispensed with.

Storage space under the sink

living ideas sink bicycle mirror

As you will find the Raumg estaltung by Christina? Would one or more your ideas to integrate home like?

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