Sustainable Interiors – 10 Product Recommendations Of Our Editorial Staff

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Eco-friendly trends in interior design

Protecting the environment concerns us all. We know that Yes in theory. It is however increasingly evident in recent years and months. The technical progress ensures that new and new materials. Unfortunately, its long-lasting impact on our health and our environment is explored not good enough.

No one wants but that his home is a place of full of toxins, right?  We notice now already too many negative influences. At home we want to protect us but like before. This applies to the health of our family, and especially the children. They are very sensitive to any deleterious effect.

The personal responsibility

The environmentally friendly facility is above all a personal choice and responsibility. No matter whether we have a small or large budget, we can set up nice and nature-friendly our House. The investment that we have to do, is our time. We also need new knowledge of current environmental trends in the interior design.

Do we start now?

We have selected 10 sustainable product recommendations from the avocado goals for you. Stay with us and learn more about what you should consider when an environmentally friendly Interior.

Product recommendation No. 1: Longboard Chris & Ruby

The materials

The first point in our checklist of eco-friendly fashion trends is the selection of a suitable material. They are evaluated according to some criteria. It is crucial, in how far the following processes were sustainable or environmentally friendly:


It is also important:

What substances, gases this material away from?

How long can it be used, or when it turns into garbage?
Can it be reused?

Product recommendation No. 2: book shelf bookmark

Keep all of these criteria in mind. You will not be one of the well-planned advertising strategies to the victim fall. Try persuading consumers that they hit an environmentally friendly choice with the purchase of a material or product, by one or conceal more of the points of this checklist.

For example, suppose that you buy a piece of furniture made of wood. The manufacturer would emphasize that it is an environmentally friendly, sustainable material. It can be concealed however, that wood was not sustainable won that it was transported long or that it was processed with paints containing pollutants and colors.

In other words, eco-friendly trends based on the critical choice and the right information.

Product recommendation No. 3: shelf structure 4 × 4 expedition

Kitchen equipment and appliances

The eco-friendly behavior one somehow easier when it comes to the selection of large pieces of furniture. They have also a longer life and to invest to much money also on the basis of the comfort is.

The “small things” represent the real challenge for the environmental protection. These are the items that we need for our kitchen. Those are for example the kitchen appliances. The rule of thumb here is to decide than for those made of plastic and Teflon as possible more often for those made of ceramic and glass.

The wood

Wood is certainly very popular in the modern interior design. It should be won best sustainably. This means that wood from forests, which quickly grow back. Still, the gains there must not jeopardise the existence of fauna. The transport must produce minimal emissions.

An important factor is the processing. The organic oils such as linseed or olive oil are sustainable.

Product recommendation No. 4: dining table Alvari

Carcass furniture

The furniture are sustainable, if they are made from glass or wood.

Metal, cotton and cardboard for the sofa

From the point of view of health, the sofas and chairs made of metal, cotton and cardboard are absolutely eco-friendly. We note here again, to learn about the manufacturing process and the way it handles your furniture pieces.

Product recommendation No. 5: cardboard bed room in a box


Our Earth is overflowing with garbage. It was produced so much already. And now let’s be honest: the manufacturers interested in us to say, we need more and more. The truth is that we at home can set up almost everything through the reuse of furniture and materials.

There are entire companies and designers who work with old materials. Prefer this and represent designers that work with it. Set priorities and buy only things that you really love and need. This is probably the safest way to be environmentally friendly.

Designers who work with eco-friendly materials, are generally talented, super creative and with her whole heart at work. By opting for their production, you get maybe even better furniture than if you buy new.

Product recommendation No. 6: ethnic collection Plaid “Just”

Product recommendation No. 7: bamboo vase raindrop

interior design ideas innendesign home accessories bamboo vase raindrop avocado goals

Product recommendation No. 8: light use LZF lamps

Product recommendation No. 9: box office Chris & Ruby

Product recommendation No. 10: side table by Volker Frings

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