Swedish Garden House With Fabulous Interiors To Feel

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Swedish Garden House fur carpet and white wooden chair

Swedish summerhouse – a summer dream in a Scandinavian style

A Swedish summer house like this one can provide you with much pleasure and comfort. If you are on rustic interiors with Scandinavian flair and are a true nature lover, then you will love this Garden House easily. It was rebuilt by its owner and Chef of IKEA in Spain – Lorenzo Meazza and redesigned.

After a short stay in Sweden, Lorenzo Meazza fell in love in the Swedish culture, tradition and nature. Although he worked in the city, he is always looking for a quiet place, where he can completely switch off and relax. So he found also Lilla Torpet – meaning cottage in Swedish.

The cottage was originally built during the second half of the 18th century. Since then as some peasant families lived one after the other, without making any major changes in the architecture or in the Interior. Meazza has rebuilt the House and introduced electricity, water, and a modern bathroom.

The three main colors that were used during the renovation, are snow white, beige and a delicate blue-green. These shades are not only typical of the region, but give more freshness and vibrancy to the surroundings. Strategically positioned mirrors reflect the light and reflect the forest.

Scandinavian coziness in the kitchen

Swedish summerhouse vintage pendant lamp

Pieces of furniture made of coarse, light wood look very quaint

Swedish Garden House old wooden chest

Schaffel and bright Seladongr√ľn calm and warm

Swedish Garden House of ancient stove

The kitchen plays an important role for a Swedish summer house, as you can see in this case. It is located in the Centre of the layout and is through the white walls and the flooring is very bright and inviting. Traditional, white kitchen furniture and the delicate vintage pendant lamp gives the room that certain something. Under the table is a beautiful carpet of fur which cuddly and warming effect – especially for Barefoot running, which is a popular Nordic tradition.

All rooms have direct access to the kitchen

Swedish fancy Garden House of antique China Cabinet

Cookies and roses – a wonderful summer in Sweden

Swedish Garden House cookie jars from glass

Drink tea and enjoy the life

Swedish log cabin glass bowls and Messingteekane

Vintage furniture pieces are very welcome

Swedish garden shed of storage baskets large pillar candles

The children’s room looks like a picture book

Swedish log cabin light green Dresser

Swedish fancy Garden House wood cabinet with fold-out plate

Delicious colour palette to feel

Delicate turquoise – worthy of Angel Swedish log cabin Plaid carpet in pink and white

Swedish Garden House children's beds in white from wrought iron

Claw bathtub and Meadow Flowers

Swedish summerhouse claw foot bathtub

The family enjoys the fresh air and beautiful nature

Swedish Garden House rattan armchairs and checkered tablecloth

Refreshing sleep with stunning views to the forest

Swedish summerhouse retro wall wallpaper with floral patterns

Bring the nature indoors

Swedish Garden House pink Monogram pillow

Treats for in between

Swedish Garden House of round side table of Gerstreiftes pillow

A great summer holiday with children

Swedish Garden House of lace canopy at the entrance

Together a barbecue in the garden

Swedish Garden House old water pump In the garden

Simple, Nordic elegance to the table

Swedish log cabin table decorations ferns and pine branches

Nostalgic top cushions and candles in the bedroom

Swedish summerhouse Trapezoid table lamp

A side door – inviting and discrete

Swedish Garden House turquoise Bemalene staircase

Large mirrors and wide Windows – airy and light

Swedish Garden House white Sheepskin

Glowing candles on the stairs – a romantic tradition from Scandinavia

Swedish Garden House staircase in white and pillar candles

It’s not a fairytale? Did you always want to spend nature with Scandinavian flair a few unforgettable days or weeks in the middle of? Maybe right for you and your family is just so a Scandinavian summer house.

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