That Dared Homeowner To The Piece Of Jewelry Make – 4 Good Ideas How It Might Work

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The dream of owning a home is one of the most popular of the Germans. Why not? Because what could be even better than that one builds an own cottage was the developer of himself and his family or build. So that the House is not just any House, you can conjure up quite a unique piece of jewellery for the whole family as a client through the use of small accents and ideas from the simple House.

How about a winter garden?

There is the House you should consider seriously, if not yet a small winter garden could visually enlarge the living room. If the living room is in itself not quite large, or even very medieval cut or appears a bit dark, a winter garden, which borders may next to the garden, ideal for spatial enlargement is straight. It can be mounted standing, also in connection with the garden. For example, at the kitchen window, or to the kitchen out. Opportunity for the ventilation of the room saves even a hood or similar circumstances.

Home build

The winter garden is also a wonderful place to recover. Equipped with beautiful plants, which thrive well in such winter gardens, or a small oasis of relaxation resulting from the winter garden an Aviary with exotic birds and a seating arrangement, and so to easily allow the everyday, small holiday in your own home. It is therefore not a good idea if you’ve carefully think about in advance, who built his home leave. A House be built by HELMA under special requests, here and especially is a good idea,. This provider has focused among other things on special unusual requests and extras to.

Home Conservatory houseplants

A swimming pool in the basement

If you have the opportunity, should consider also this. Although the expansion of a pool is very costly, but on the other hand is the home for ever intended and often also by children and grandchildren about. The cellar is well built, spacious and a lot of space has left through several adjoining rooms, a swimming pool in the basement is a highlight of the House not only cool, but also at any time of year. The House is down basement two levels according to more one should be concerned to the development of a pool. The exact height of the ceiling, the depth of the soil, the water connections and the requirements of water removal and cleaning of the respective municipality are important here.

Home basement pool

The sauna for the winter

What could be better in winter than to jump was in the sauna? No feat is to incorporate a small sauna into a basement room. More and more German households decide to create their own little sauna. When removing the sauna you should make sure that ventilation in the sauna area are absolutely guaranteed, the fire safety requirements are followed and that it employs at least a little with matter of the bathing. The size of the sauna is not only dependent on the volume of the room itself, but also, how many people would use the sauna regularly. The smaller, faster heating of the sauna can take place. It should be remembered also that, because also a sauna beats noticeably on the height of the following on incidental expenses accounts.

Home Home sauna

A small Bay in the bedroom

Little Bay are not only an eye-catcher from the outside, but allow a lot of room for imagination and design of the room also in the Interior of the respective room. Is the Bay window, for example, in the children’s or girl’s room, the Bay window on the front of the window can be so used, that fitted a small seating area directly at the window with a couple of pillows, invites you to linger. A Bay window allows a small optical magnification basically in every room and beautifies the appearance of any room.

Home bedroom Bay

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