The Bar At Home, A Modern Tradition Not Just For Men

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the bar at home very noble cherry wood and leather

The bar at home

The bars have a long tradition in social life. In recent years but at home increasingly stresses the importance of the bar. And the House becomes more and more popular as a meeting place and the place where we like to spend our time with friends and family members. So we bring the bar concept home.

The hotel bar has become today an important bonus rooms in the houses. Rather, the male influence is noticeable in these rooms. Lots of wood, TVs, leather chairs, pool tables and verandas are traditional elements of the modern hotel bar.

Enjoy a drink in the rustic ambience

the bar home rustic ambiance with sunflowers

Beautiful bar chairs with colorful patterns

the bar home modern design colorful patterned bar stools

It is the imagination of the men – all friends there, some pretty women, relaxation. The area of the houses has grown strongly in recent years, so there are many houses with rooms to be completed. Why should you not realize his fantasies?

For real lovers of hunting

the bar at home traditionally hunting lodges atmosphere

The owner of this House often makes business trips to London. He’s got a favorite bar, which he has made in his own home in New York.

Everything in olive green and fine wood

of the bar of home olive green In the basement

Since his wife had set up in the main house in grip, he wanted to have that as his own project. The architect Jimmy Crisp was asked to get the look of this London pub here.

As the room should look quite authentic, wells and imprints on the wooden floor with chains were made

bar at home with fireplace olive green shades

The owner can have a party for 60 and after he has then closed the door, the House is still untouched

bar at home ornaments billiards wood

In this room with pine-clad look of owner sports, playing billiards, converses with a few friends and organizes large parties. This is the male cave.

Everything in the room, was ordered separately from the owner. There are collections on the walls.

Some TVs for sports and even doors to the backyard for cigarette breaks

bar at home antique furniture cozy Mr styleDer designer Michael Macaluso has the wine-red colour for the walls chosen, so that they complement the Alder wood bar. There are also animal print fabric and leather. It was not a difficult task for a male Designer.

When setting up a bar, it is important to appreciate the area properly. A pool table takes up much space. The customers want to slot machines, ice hockey games, and then there’s no seating. The Interior Designer says that such a space about cost EUR 70 000 – furniture, cabinets, floors, wood ceilings, premium TVs and audio equipment, wine racks.

Bar stool: Mimi London

the bar home furniture and counter from solid walnut

A retired baseball player has set up House in this bar the rooms in his Arizona, to exhibit his sports collectibles

the bar home eclectic design for sports lovers

The rest of the House is in Venetian style, so, he wanted to have something closer to himself. The elements of the African aesthetic with the bamboo walls and animal motifs give a summer feeling.

The House is otherwise bright and white with splashes of colour, the desire for this room was for something darker and more Moody

the bar home mahogany wood retro padded bar stools

Many of the elements in the bar are wishes of her husband, such as for example steel ceiling, alder wood cabinets. Since sink, dishwasher, microwave oven, LED rope light, TV and floor are also a copper from natural quartzite.

The building contractor Bob Michels has set up the space above the garage in a bar with stunning views

traditional home bar pub ambience

His wife picked out the carpet and wall colors in the main building, and this was his room completely. The room has a pool table, floor heating and beautiful Dura Supreme cabinets.The narrow room was used optimally, sink, fridge and spaces for the drinks stand.

Bar stool: Room & Board; Wine rack: Wine enthusiast

bar at home small and fine with nautical touch

Rocky flooring and wrought iron bar stools

the bar at home wrought iron ornaments bar stools wood

Here we have the bar of Ian Wade out of plywood and old wooden pallets

home rustic bar from wooden boxes rough elegance

And this is the entertainment room by Peter Santrach and his wife in Minnesota. Both have targeted this dark look.

A Coke machine has also found its place

the bar home antique and modern in a

The room was decorated with poker table and pool table, popcorn machine and pizza oven. So, he is also a family room.

This bar room costs around EUR 10 000 for expenses, countertop, mirror, lighting, metal ceiling, installation work, electricity and water systems and devices.

This is the basement in a Lake cabin by a young family with four children

home rough leather solid wood bar

The wife has represented their own aesthetic. She wanted a rustic atmosphere with knotty wood, built by local craftsmen. There is an electronic poker game, a refrigerator, popcorn machine, wine cellar, and microwave oven.

The baseboard is made of corrugated iron – did she do a local metal master

the bar home cosy corner massive wooden beams

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