The Ceiling Design — How Would It With Patterned Wallpaper?

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ceiling design wallpaper pattern heart color

How can you make the ceiling

It can be that the ceiling wallpaper are no longer fashionable. In this decade, it seems more to go around the walls. But in the meantime seems to be a tendency to have enforced. If you have arrived at the point where the potential of the wallpaper seems to be exhausted, it is time for a change in the Interior.

Many designers, like about Emily Mughannam from EM design interiors among others think of the ceiling on the fifth wall. So why should you omit their decoration?

She is convinced that with a bold wallpaper a very successful step represents the equipment the ceiling. These are very serious on the sides. So she has thought of something quite “sweet” on the ceiling.

Ceiling design: great wallpaper for the ceiling look upwards

bathroom ceiling design wallpaper geometric pattern

In this room, the designers felt the urge to differentiate clearly between the paper and the stone. You wanted to use the pattern on the wall in the sense of a more interesting appearance. But you wanted at the same time, that the impression of the natural beauty of the stone is not affected. It said Katelyn grooms. Still, it reminds that when attaching wallpaper on the ceiling, the size of essential importance is. You must appear appropriate. So you chose with the wallpaper for the small washroom accordingly smaller patterns. Also, this wallpaper shows no alignment, and so it is not dissuaded by the natural lines of the architecture.

It is one thing to cover a high ceiling with a footprint, and to gain a different – a humane atmosphere in the room. But this ceiling is pretty low. That can stop home owner who does not love the adventure.  Don’t worry about it! The ceiling is one of the best places where you can try wallpaper. The background of the wallpaper is bright in this case. So, the ceiling will appear lower than it is actually.

In the next room, you can see a clear separation and it worked wonderfully. If you could blend the two wallpapers, one would probably have a problem. If it would have brought them together, the patterns of screens would probably seem inappropriate. It has split these elements through the great blue walls, they came right to the fore.

Designer Elizabeth Gordon

living room ceiling design wallpaper pattern decoration ideas

Next, we see a writer’s room. He sleeps under a blanket, which is covered by Fornacetti decorations. Then one can hardly deny that such a solution in the bedroom is exactly in the right place.

Ivonne ronderos from DKOR Interiors seems to agree. According to their opinion, the walls in this modern hotel are clean and white. Texture and pattern have been reserved on the ceiling.

Wall and ceiling design

bedroom nursery ceiling shapes colored wallpaper pattern

She says you should be more courageous and less restrained. You should risk and do this. You should make not too many unusual decisions in one place, but one is quite alright!

In this room, the wallpaper on the ceiling is a work of interior designer Erin Martin and SB architects. There is no doubt that it warms up the atmosphere in the room. Want to somehow measure their effect? Cover the upper part of the image by hand and then quickly remove it. The life, which adds it to, is unique.

Warm atmosphere in the room

bedroom nursery ceiling shapes colored wallpaper geometric pattern

Here have a busy inside a home. The Interior Designer Annsley McAleer from Annsely Interiors wanted to contribute to more color to this small space. The special feature here is that almost all the walls with cabinets and Windows have been covered. We chose green in the sense of a more exciting image. I think that using the wallpaper with a brighter background makes the ceiling seem higher and upwards is the eye.

Green in the sense of a more exciting picture

work room ceiling design wallpaper geometric patterns colored

McAleer reminds that the ceiling usually has less square area than the walls. Would get a strong impression for little money.

Take a wallpaper on the ceiling of your room also into consideration? One of the ideas did you particularly well here?

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