The Classical The Basis Of Many Interior Ideas

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Interior design ideas that are inspired by the classic

Materials in the interior design

We now summarize at this point what are the typical classical materials for interior decoration. That would be natural granite, marble, ceramic tile, expensive textiles with imitation of natural textures such as wood or marble.

Furniture and textiles

The furniture have been elaborated in the classic style, mainly from expensive types of wood. While the natural texture was kept as far as possible. Legs of beds, chairs and other seating furniture, the straight lines show a typical characteristic of the classic furniture design.

Interior design ideas with natural materials

interior design ideas installation examples flooring classic

The back pages of the furniture pieces are laconic. They are either rounded or rectangular. The furniture are decorated with elements made of red wood and bronze.

Sofas, poufs and chairs with leather trim can still often find in the interior design of the classical style.

Following textiles used for the upholstery of the furniture: taffeta, velvet, satin, Brocade, jacquard, silk.

It is of fundamental importance that all selected textures and materials in the interior design with each other perfectly. Bizarre effects are not appropriate here. You should select not to many of the selected materials at the same time.

Magnificent and noble

interior design ideas installation examples flooring classic baroque


The ambient light should come from beautiful hanging lamps, such as for example crystal chandeliers. The decorative lamps have to find wide application. In addition to the color of the Crystal, the gilded and silvered surfaces play a major role.

The Organization of space

The symmetry and orientation to the Centre are very typical for the classical interior design. Should the lines of the design in the form of rays evenly spread out from the Center. The transition between the various elements should be as gentle. Different rooms can be separated from each other by pilasters and columns.

Wall and ceiling design with wood

Interior ideas installation examples flooring classic library

Other items in the interior design

Mirror magnificently crafted in richly decorated frames made of wrought iron, frescoes, vases with flowers, marble and decorated with gilded reliefs – these are just some of the many typical items in the interior design, which ensures the completed look. Works of art such as sculptures and paintings in the classic style are also very important.

Dining chairs with carved

interior design ideas flooring installation examples classic dining room


The fireplace can be described as a compulsory element of the classic interior design. He should have a laconic processing in the Greek style. Next to and above the fireplace you will find often mirror, marble busts and statuettes with gold-plated surface.

Marble and natural stone

interior design ideas installation examples flooring klassisch2

The modern form of the classical

Now, we have described the typical elements of classic design. What can we do to make the classic up to date and modern looks? How do we avoid the conservative flair?

The secret lies in the specific design of some details. You lose not your classic character, see however much current.

White and gold comes best through indirect lighting

Interior design ideas installation examples flooring classic French

Wall decoration in the upper zone:

In Matt colours;

Materials that mimic modern textiles.

Use of wallpaper in colors and with classic patterns.

Use of ceramic tiles with imitation of wallpaper;

A fireplace is a classic in the classical period

interior design ideas flooring installation examples classic fireplace

The design of the floor

The ceramic tiles are typical for the modern interpretation of the classical style, which mimic the parquet or marble.

The colors

The bright pastel shades are still typical, but in the modern variants, games with contrasts are perfectly permissible. Still, some complicated shades can be used.

pompous and splendidly through the baroque furniture

interior design ideas installation examples flooring classic bedroom ideas


The pairs of modern fabrics and textiles is very typical for the modern classical music. This applies to all aspects of the interior design.

The lighting

Through the appropriate selection of lighting, you can also give a modern flair classic design. It should emit a light that is gentle but effective. The lighting in the modern design plays both a functional and a decorative role.

interior design ideas installation examples flooring classic mirror the wall mirror is a classic element of the age

Wall clocks emphasize the classic character in the room

interior design ideas flooring installation examples classic mirror2

Antique items

The ancient elements with a high value verleihendem modern design in the classic style a perfect conclusion. Reliefs and ornaments are also very much in demand at these interior design ideas. All antique items should however be used to indicate the early epochs, but represent them not much too intrusive.

Room organization

The space agency shows severe, straight lines. Everything must be aligned centrally and virtually all the classic interior design rules must be adhered to.

interior design ideas flooring installation examples classic franzosisch2

interior design ideas installation examples flooring classic mirror2

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