The Coolest IKEA Insider Tips For Lovers Of Decoration

The Swedish furniture store IKEA is not always the best Ruf.Einheitsbrei and 0815 facility professionals it’s often – mediocre quality. While IKEA has a lot to offer, so is your set up skillfully from the crowd apart. Sometimes it’s enough already to see a piece of furniture or decorative items with new eyes.

Much can be misused and to provide exciting accents. Especially in combination with DIY methods a lot can be saved and still a cool and innovative approach to furnishings and decoration are achieved. Who even in hand and make filthy basics true uniques. Here are five practical IKEA hacks, as well as insider tips for those who like to cheap and yet uniquely decorate.

No. 1: The REASON VALLEY magnetic strip

Actually, she was magnetic strip as a practical storage for Messerentwickelt REASON VALLEY. To do this, the magnetic strip is simply mounted on the working surface or the stove. So sindChefmesser & co always close at hand. Especially in combination with the BASIC VALLEY Behälterneröffnet of set of 3 the magnetic strip but completely new possibilities. Not only spices, but jeglicherKleinkram can be accommodated so decorative. The magnetic strip with the practical containers is a functional decorative option for every room of the Home Office about the nursery, paper clips, LEGO, hair clips – to the bathroom.

ikea insider tips Deco lovers reason Valley magnetic strip

No. 2: REGOLIT floor lamp

REGOLIT pendant has an infamous reputation: white, boring and cheap. While the paper suspension lamp with only a few hand movements to the absolute eye-catcher can be jazzed up. Mander paper lamp with water colors missed a painting, the world looks equally colorful. But other-mutigere – additions are possible. Even neighbours or purchased paper butterflies can remember a flowery meadow dieHängeleuchte. REGOLIT glitter effect color or glue make the disco ball. Round stuck post-its in the form of scales, make the pendant to the colorful designer Lampion. Then, everything else is 2.49 Euro lamp as cheap.

ikea insider tips Deco lovers regolit pendant lamp

No. 3: SÄTTA buttons and more

Cabinets without handles look like faces without eyebrows. A handle gives the personal touch of each chest of drawers and any cabinet only. Fortunately, there are a variety of knobs and handles at IKEA. Old vintage objects allow this style to spice up. Even a kitchen aging receives new gloss. Not always, you will need to purchase a new piece of furniture. Small handles sometimes enough to make old furniture back up to date. The handle models range from the cheap set of 6 SÄTTA for 0.99 Euro up to more expensive copies such as the VIENNA set of 2 for 9.00 euro.

ikea insider tips Deco lovers satta buttons

No. 4: FROSTA stool

Simpler as FROSTA, a stool could hardly fail. But exactly what makes this piece of furniture zumabsoluten ALLROUNDER in the interior design. With a little paint, the seat can be made to eigenenVorstellungen. Also round cushions and colorful fabrics from IKEA will offer is to make dieSitzfläche not only more convenient, but individual. What many do not think: FROSTA can be turned to the side table. The designs range from simple combination options with the JANSJÖ clamp spot to elaborated multi function furniture, where two CUTE magazine collectors across are mounted on the seat, allowing for convenient compartments for books, magazines and more.

ikea insider tips Deco lovers frosta stool

No. 5: EKBY BJÄRNUM console

Actually just a customized Board should be inserted between the two parts of the console of EKBY BJÄRNUM, where the edge of the saw is obscured. And of course is the a stylish choice wall shelving, which are to be manufactured on Maß, but EKBY BJÄRNUM can do even more. All cat owners should mark itself once the 10,00 euro-expensive console in the IKEA catalog, but also bookworms will be fully at your expense with this IKEA hack.

ikea insider tips Deco lovers ekby bjarnum console

The rope bridge you’ll need:

> > 1 set EKBY BJÄRNUM console > > 1 EKBY BJÄRNUM rack or another wood Board > > washers > > Paracord > > saw > > drill > > lighter or matches

And here’s how:

Saw the shelf in about ten to thirteen evenly sized pieces. Pierce the wooden blocks jeweilseinmal left and right again. Make sure that the holes always have the same distance so that the rope bridge is not wrong then. Cut two lengths of the Paracord. Seal dieSchnittflächen by using of the lighter or the matches so that the rope is fraying. Now, the wood blocks strung. Six washers (three on each side) as spacers are placed between each piece of wood. If all logs are strung, the ends are knotted, so that no piece of wood out can slip. Finally, the console brackets are attached to the wall and hung the rope bridge. Already, a tailor-made, unusual bookshelf of ora particular catwalk is ready for your Kitty. You get guaranteed even more ideas during your next visit to IKEA when you stroll the range only with eyes wide open.


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