The Country House Style In The House On The Market And An Interior Design To Admire Work

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country-style furniture kitchen set up white kitchen cabinets dining table open shelves

So give a country style your interior design

What is the balance? This is the way to harmony according to many teachings. You would have to experience contrasts to find exactly the healthy Center. Because in this we feel most of the time most comfortable. When we sit much at work in everyday life, we must go for a walk at night or sports. When we read a lot, we must take enough time, so that our eyes can relax. The doctrine of the balance can be applied to our life style.

Inviting living room in country-style

country-house style design leather sofa living room plants

Fresh colorful accents

country-style furniture sofas colored carpet open Wall shelves

The white living room sofas tie attention

country-style living room set up stripe rug blue wall

We all are city people throughout the day. We need than not then something more close to nature and simplicity in our lives? We are sure many of you will now answer this question with a clear ‘yes’. In which style could I but find best the closeness to nature? There are certainly some significant options. The country house style is a good way. As you do your design with rural areas that we want to show you today.

The closeness to nature and the country house style

Many retro visions seem natural. This property is expressed in different ways. First, you have to save all of it in the country-style Setup to look old. On the contrary – the obsolete character is precisely its appeal.

Create attractive interior design

country-style living room set up open shelves piano

The rural style, take comfort in the living room

country-style furniture leather furniture living room fireplace long curtains

Combine light shades

country-style furniture living room set up plant table

Moreover, that retro furniture and fabrics contain very many natural patterns. They are filled with floral patterns and bright shades. Even the little details play an important role in that they achieve a unique charming character. It is but just as one would traditionally proceed in a rural House.

The materials and textiles

The main materials for the country house style are wood, metal, porcelain and straw. In the textiles, you should put an accent on the use of cotton. The substances should so not to Nice work best rough.

Wood and stone combine wonderfully in this living room

country-style furniture living room set up ideas ceiling lighting stones

Bright living room with rustic elements

country-style living room floor rustic coffee table carpet runners

If you want to achieve a slightly upscale character, then you take the very elegant toile de Jouy patterns into consideration. Of this, some color variations are common, under which you could choose. Blue, red and black are most popular and thus well disseminated.

The institution itself

The general criteria which we have designed for the rural style, should be transferred to all aspects of the interior design. The furniture, wall design, the decoration must comply. This, however, we want to still get the modern touch. How is that? We offer you following rule of thumb: do modern and furniture – rural when the technical equipment. How to reach exactly the golden mean, which was just now at the beginning of the speech.

White furniture and beautiful patterns

country-style bedroom white furniture beautiful patterns

By Unicate refresh the ambience

country-style furniture living room stool carpet

Leather furniture and fancy patterns

country-style living room of leather sofa fireplace decoration

Rural-style kitchen

country-style kitchen pendant lighting kitchen island rustic elements

Orange paint and coloured furniture make the living room look fresh

country-style living room Orange wall color elegant carpet

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