The Cubic Zero-energy House – Sustainable Hotel For Adventurers

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zero-energy House Qubistisch Würfelhaus modern architecture

The zero-energy House Kežmarské hut by Atelier 8000

The zero-energy House is the actual continuation of the passive house. A building may be called if its external energy reference annual average by the energy gain is outweighed. This is achieved through renewable energy such as solar and wind power plants. The next step in this direction is the plus energy House, where the produced energy is higher than the actual consumption of the House.

The first zero energy hotel was opened in 2009 in the 15th district of Vienna. It was equipped with wind turbines, heat pumps, photovoltaic and solar system.

Futuristic architecture for a green future

zero-energy house cube glass Würfelhaus

Atelier 8000 is the Design Studio, which carried out this wonderful project in Slovakia’s Tatras. The zero-energy House, which actually is a hotel for the more adventurous, has the perfect shape of a cube and is called hut Kežmarské. The construction consists of aluminium, glass and photovoltaic panels. A stable terrace includes the entire building and offer enough space for a pleasant conversation in the Sun. The interior design is minimalist style with a clear Scandinavian taste. The walls and the ceiling are covered with light pine wood. You can feel all the cubic form of the building. Comfortable bean bags are placed on the ground and sufficient sunlight, which is spread by the bright surface of the walls flows through the wide window.

Breathtaking landscapes

zero-energy House Qubistisch Hotel snow mountains

Clean lines and light wood

zero-energy House light wood bean bags

From a distance the Hotel looks totally futuristic – like a big, shiny cube, which is like from the clouds. Here is particularly spectacular in the winter with the magnificent snow of the Tatra mountains. In summer, the natural landscape with the nearby river but offers a no less nicer environment. It is a place of peace and serenity. To convince yourself, look at the photos and who knows, maybe perhaps even visit this sustainable zero-energy House and enjoy the unique atmosphere directly on-site.

Cozy Scandinavian style

zero-energy house cube modern architectural Interior

Relax in the lounge in a

zero-energy House rectangular light wood pine Interior

Summer dream in the cubic form

zero-energy house cube River mountains

The future is open

zero-energy House Qubistisch cube renewable energy

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