The Domestic Aquarium Skilfully Spice Up – Variations And Ideas

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Whether as an indication of a calm balanced lifestyle or interest in the underwater world aquariums is delight in German living rooms of great popularity. These are not only the perfect habitat of plants and fish, but also decorative a looker, is to watch it on some fundamentals. But above all it to decide on the aquarium right according to his claims. This is depends on several factors.

Variety of aquariums is comprehensive

Primarily concerns the type of Aquarium, what type of fish and plants want to hold someone. But also the size and the sense and purpose of play a role, as shown in the following listing of different options.

Image 2 types

Nature aquariums are designed so that therein the conditions exactly tailored to the needs of plants and animals is held. They are excellently well to – observe the animals and their behavior in a stress-free situation without other fish or harmful influences. At the same time, this means that only a single species is held in this type of Aquarium.

Are very popular

Discus fish
Dwarf puffer fish or

In contrast to this, there are in this country often called society aquariumsin their pool different peaceable animals that require similar conditions, live together.

aquarium home properly maintain living room

Another form of popular aquariums is the biotope Aquarium, is occurring in the natural habitat of flora and fauna as accurately as possible to recover. The Amazon rainforest or the Amazon Aquarium, animals and plants belongs to the most famous of this kind be kept, their living spaces match also in the great outdoors. One advantage is that the different species in terms of value of water and setting up the Aquarium almost make the same claims. Other options for this biotope tankSouth America pool
Central America basin
Asia’s pool or
Malawi basin

aquarium home goldfish

The oldest form of Aquarium species is the cold water aquarium. Basically it is a basin, where on the heating of water is deliberately easy. Who would like to provide cooling in addition, you can use even a model with built-in cooling unit. It is clear in this context that such aquariums may be never exposed to the direct sunlight, not to heat up. For this, in particular all fish in Central Europe can be kept therein. The most famous of the goldfish is safe in this context.
In contrast, an seawater Aquarium, also called the coral reef Aquarium , shows the colourful world of the ecosystem of coral. Those who are interested in this type of Aquarium, should be clear, that both comprehensive know-how and extensive maintenance and care to maintain are necessary. Are crucial for the life support of this small ecosystemcompliance with exact values for water
a perfect lighting of the Aquarium
well-tuned temperatures in the water.

aquarium home exotic fish coral

The aquarist with a colorful variety of fish that thrive in the coral Aquarium, will be rewarded. In addition to the eponymous coral, these are:

Dwarf Angelfish
Coral fish
Hermit crabs

By the way, the sea water aquarium is generally considered rather time-consuming and demanding. An article on sea shows that it can be suitable with the proper planning and care also for ambitious newcomers.

Plants also have a significant effect

Plants for aquariums is there in the different shapes, sizes, and colors, which range from naturally light green to a dark red. Usually, the plants directly in the soil are planted. There are also types such as the Java fern, which grows on decorative objects in the pool. Floating plants like the water lens drive freely in the water on the surface and provide both protection and optical effects. Generally Aquarium owners have two choices in plants, there is namely stem and leaf crops. While first – as the name suggests – along their stem develops the new leaves, the leaf plant has always only one sheet per stem. They are sold commercially in a pot, as a potted plant, while as U.S. stem plants are available.

In the selection is the plant on the size to make sure, because sometimes they are available with one centimeter, can grow but later up to one meter in height. Thus, an aquarium can be decorated perfectly. Best used smaller plants in the foreground of the field of view, while in the middle of the larger growths come and back the large species are placed in the basin. Just newbies should put in this regard but not only on the appearance, but first of all deal with the basics of the hobby. In addition to the bare Interior, for example, on the proper care of water, technical accessories, make sure filter and the ideal location, last but not least also the cleaning plays an important role. ZooRoyal has in this respect a contribution for beginners created by the first important steps in the Aquarium are described step by step.

Plants have not only design purposes in an aquarium, but are also largely responsible for the quality of the water. Divorce among the fish

Carbon dioxide

the plants growth, absorb and utilize. These nutrients are converted by means of photosynthesis to sugar or carbohydrates. The plants secrete oxygen in the breathing in the fish. It is clear, however, that this operation only when sufficient light is going. Therefore, an adequate supply of light of the Aquarium is absolutely necessary and the quality of life of the inhabitants of the Aquarium.

There is too little oxygen, algae will develop increasingly. The basis of food, siphoned from the right plants however especially fast-growing plants that are responsible that no excessive algae propagation takes place. Therefore, the following types should ideally occur:

Amazon sword plant
Java fern
Hygrophila Polysperma
Indian water Wedel

Who wants to give more variety in his Aquarium can inquire at the retailer and corresponding accents.

aquarium home algae water plants

Choice of the Aquarium bed is visually important

How is the floor of the Aquarium, has not only visual effects, but also significant influence on the quality of the container itself. Because the water is filtered, is the supply of nutrients and should be the stop for plants. Can be distinction here between sand and gravel. Who now wonders where that differentiation is, so this can be explained simply:

Sand has a grain size of 2 mm, everything is bigger, is a pebble.
Fine Aquarium sand often has a grain size of 0.1 to 0.5 mm.

What floor is the reason so is right for the chosen Aquarium, depends also of the species, which is kept in it. While grundelnde residents such as armoured catfish prefer rather fine sand, because they can easily dig and quasi “flush their gills”, crabs and shrimp rather prefer the coarser sand. This search is also the ground for food, can but the grains lift and turn with the scissors.

Of course, there are also sufficient AQUARIUM animals that love to be kept on gravel. Among them are antenna catfish and loaches, but also cichlids. Important to know is that plants in the Aquarium have installed generally better on coarse gravel and also better keep.

Tip: Who wants to buy for its fish home sand or gravel, which should make sure to choose be sure lime-free varieties. Also edged bottom is to be avoided as particularly grundelnde fish species that could hurt.

The qualitative properties of sand have been resolved, even the optics can play a crucial role. According to individual preference, there is the material in many colors, with more dark varieties are suitable. Who installed then a dark background, can increase the effect in addition. Especially the bright colors of the shrimp work very intensively on a black Aquarium sand. Who wants to have an Amazon basin, should gravel in

Dark reds
or brown

choose. For African tanks, however, lighter grey and white tones are excellent, because here the preferred living cichlids come good.

aquarium at home fish algae

The right back wall ensures atmosphere

The colorful flora and fauna in an aquarium can also be so visually impressive, also the right back wall is so crucial to the visual experience. This provides just the right atmosphere, being huge selection thanks to numerous subject films or special 3D effects. Those who opt for a wall of the structure, which enhances the depth and sets special accents on the decoration in the water. Also they look very natural and offer additional area in an design for individual fish species.

With slides is a very popular form of the design of back panels. They can be quite easily yourself attached, where the selection of motifs is very large. There are those with underwater motifs that represent for example a back wall or but a green plant Aquarium. Who want to use understatement, a rear panel can choose monochromatic in black. This combined a darker substrate, so that the color of the fish and the lush green of the plants are even better and above. Structure back panel, however, are available in different modules and can be easily applied with glue or silicone in the basin. Who is somewhat technically gifted with patience, can even create these backs and attach. It is however important to ensure that adverse effects on the water on the use of the correct material and avoid the fish. How it works, shows, for example, following instructions.

The decision whether and what rear panel is used for an aquarium should be made also of them depending on where this is. While for the site on a wall, or in the Central field of vision design models are suitable and provide for special effects, is advisable when using the aquarium as a room divider to renounce on a back wall. Because then there is the possibility hinted more or less through the water and its lively world, which creates a unique atmosphere. Is interrupted or distracted looking at the colorful fish and plant life from nothing, then goes over the Aquarium, in the distance.

For the rear, an aquarium owner also determines, is that both attaching possibly expensive removal after some time. The basin must be removed to complete.

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