The Dream Of The Chimney: Which Technique Suits The Own Dwelling?

Fireplace radiates not only heat, but gives people a sense of security, comfort and coziness. It is not surprising that stoves are among the most popular furnishings of the own four walls. There’s per fuel, different furnace types which differ sometimes considerably. The following comparison puts together the main points of different stove types.

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Subject: applications and AssemblyEthanol fireplaces are characterized especially by its flexibility: are integrated in the wall or standing on the table – can be positioned easily wherever you want – as stand fireplace on the ground, and leave the radiated heat into the room.

Conventional stoves or fireplaces (which are integrated in the strict sense in the wall), however, need a chimney. Electric fireplaces are also flexible; they are, also very easy to install and to set up, if not in the wall and need only a socket connection.Ethanol and also electric fireplaces can be used on the other hand not as a primary source, but mostly only as additional heating option. Wood stoves, however, can serve the heating of the entire housing if they are connected to the water mains. This is connected with high conversion costs, but represents one of the more gefragteren heating using renewable energy and like to be used in the construction of houses. Eligible particularly with so-called pellets-powered furnaces, which have but no more than a small glass and anyway no large flame picture generate the pressed wood pieces. The pellets need also as firewood storage space or a room.

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Topic: Atmosphere and serviceParticularly the optics plays a crucial role as mentioned at the beginning, in the use of fireplaces. All three types of fireplace are available in different construction methods, particularly many options and designs, however, permit the electrical and Ethanolvarianten due to their greater mobility. High-quality ethanol fireplaces are equipped with a burner which can be infinitely regulated. Flame and produced heat can be so adjusted at will. Many electric ovens offer even the possibility to separate the electrical fire and heating on the device or by remote control. Deceptively similar to it, simulate using wooden log Dummies from resin and their lighting when not using LEDS, then with light bulbs and a paddle-wheel or using steam techniques the ignition and burning of wood scheites.Although the air supply and the heating effect of the fuel is adjustable for wood stoves, but the appearance of the flames because of the growth of natural supply of wood is relatively irregular. But just this abundant wildlife during the burning process, which causes the familiar, even the noise is so idyllic firewood produced fire and is both rustic and modern designer fireplaces.The best firewood for fireplaces is the Birch. It has not the highest calorific value although, for it but especially bright produces bright, bluish flame and little sparks. Birch also boasts a pleasant smell, which is based on the essential oils of this deciduous tree.

ethanolkamine wood-burning fireplace, rustic wood

Topic: EmissionsAt Ethanolkaminen, only this biological alcohol mixed in among them gasoline, is to refill. It is produced from cereals, potatoes or even sugar cane, so from renewable raw materials. The burning result mainly carbon dioxide and water. Electric ovens simulate only fire, but consume power. To conserve the environment, the user may however rely on eco-electricity.Dry firewood Burns very low emissions and thereby largely CO2- neutral, which means it produces in principle not more carbon dioxide than during its growth once was bound. The firewood leaves ash that makes up only about 1% of the original weight of the wood. Their various inorganic substances make them an effective soil fertilizer.

Topic: Heating value and energy efficiencyEthanol has a much lower calorific value as firewood. While even large ethanol fireplaces afford a maximum of three kilowatts, many stoves achieve a rating performance of five up to eight kilowatts. Heating enabled electric ovens come partly to two kilowatts. The two abzugslosen furnace types may therefore contribute in the summer and the transition times slightly for heating small rooms. How Foundation advises Warentest should interested parties anyway, believe the promise of single provider of Ethanolöfen, with the purchase for cosy evenings in front of a warm fireplace to provide.The calorific value of a kilogram of firewood is about 14,500 kilojoules. The natural product is is thus higher than for example nuclear energy, which provides nearly 11,000 kilojoules. However, wood is lost when burned much energy on the withdrawal. Heating with pellets see simultaneous deployment of hot water is as effective. Regardless of the selected oven energy is lost but also in any other way sometimes unnecessarily. On the subject of energy, there are a number of screws, which can reduce the energy loss.

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Three examples of fireplace in direct comparisonThe Ruby silo ethanol fireplace, a stand fireplace into stylish fire barrel shape and for around 1100 euros in specialist shops, contains one litre of bio-ethanol and burns these infinitely adjustable in up to four hours at up to 2.5 kilowatts. Average opinion therefore corresponds to a consumption of approximately 0.3 litres per hour.The rustic held Ruby fires Cadiz electric fireplace, available at about the same price, takes up about a litre of water and runs up to 10 hours. Electric fireplaces with heating effect can produce up to 2000 watts and cost about 30 to 40 cents per hour.The stove Malmö almost 2000 euro reached a nominal heat output of up to eight kilowatts depending on the type of wood. Beech wood with approximately 2200 kilowatt hours per square meter, or more than four kilowatt hours per kilogram has the highest calorific value.

Topic: price levelAll types of fireplace are available in various models from several hundred to several thousand euros. While at wood-fired stoves the heating power and heat storage in the foreground are, playing the electric and Ethanolöfen the design and the flame image technology – it was simulated sparks or crackling – a crucial role.

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Topic: SecurityThe danger of Ethanolkaminen is that the liquid fuel ignites quickly. The use of requires attention both during storage and use. Because even laymen can install these fireplaces and may, to look more possible flammable furnishings or too close to wallpaper. Despite the overall low heating effect is particularly refilling an already hot device due to the fast flammability of the ethanol fire Accelerator as quite risky. Pastes or gels are indeed safe, burn for it but not neutral in odour.In addition, results from the burning of alcohol mainly carbon dioxide, which can be harmful at high concentration, but also in higher amounts of deadly carbon monoxide. Only regular ventilation helps to prevent their spread and almost destroys the heating effect.Burning wood is to be expected that smoke is spreading especially in fireplaces or also, carbon monoxide is produced. And like at Ethanolkaminen furnishings can spark also here himself, as a priority but by flying sparks. Therefore, it is particularly softwood to abandon because it literally explodes due to the high proportion of resin. Fireplace stove users ensure for these reasons, even in closed systems, urgently, to use dry wood with a medium humidity of more than 25 percent. On the one hand increase the heating effect, thereby reducing other emissions and the risk of damage to the withdrawal – in the worst case a chimney fire. When buying conventional stoves and ethanol fireplaces, it is advisable to pay attention to various certificates (for example CE). Especially in the former, customers should inquire DIN 4734 1 “Decorative fireplaces”.

Because electric fireplaces with fire lens work and have no heating effect often anyway, they exclude the risk of fire spreading.

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Topic: MaintenanceWood-fired fireplaces must be maintained regularly and for a fee by the chimney sweep. Also damage them mainly then pretty quickly, if they are used incorrectly. This can affect, for example, not only the refractory material, but also the disc, or the frame itself. Electro – and Ethanolöfen develop less heat and overall maintenance.

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ConclusionWho invests in ethanol or electricity powered fireplaces, should not assume, to be able to heat so noticeably. In the foreground, the design and the outgoing real or simulated fire atmosphere are these types. Both fashion as opposed to the wood stove as low cost and are therefore easily hinzuziehbar as additional heating option. The latter type of fireplace impresses with its wildness and intense heat production, which is especially useful when the fireplace on the water pipe in the House is connected to. A careful cost benefit analysis is particularly advisable especially in regard to the possibly high cost and sustainability in most cases. But as with other valuable items often decide innovation or design – feel is a top priority – when buying a particular stove.


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