The Dream Of The Musician Moby In Hollywood

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dream home musician Moby Castle great

The dream of the musician Moby in Hollywood as inspiration for architecture and interior design

The dream home of Moby is located on the picturesque Hollywood Hills. His style differs significantly from all other apartments are located in the surrounding area. It attracts all the attention. The reason for this is that this building looks absolutely mysterious and monumental. The interior design looks not less attractive and unique. Enjoy the magnificent photographs of New York Times by the unique House of the musician.

The House of Moby fascinates with its interior design

interior design ideas dream house musician Moby corridor

Different styles are mixed in the interior design

interior design ideas House Moby living room

A love story that goes back to the 20’s

The Americans saw this building first in 1920. It was a love at first sight. Moby has made everything possible to purchase the House and has also managed it. Much’s liked him in this dream homethat it reminded in his appearance of a medieval castle. The restrained and somehow slightly overbearing character liked him immediately. He found something very romantic on the building and its surroundings.

The musician Moby

dream home Moby musician lifestyle celebrities

The House impresses not only with its architecture, but also by the beautiful exterior

dream home Moby architecture garden

The changes in the interior design

So that the buildings but also in the Interior becomes a dream house , Moby had to do a lot. Because everything looked in very gloomy and dark. Everything was filled with black and Brown accents. Moby undertook a reconstruction, which made everything bright and cosy. So, the new design of also his own nature fit much better.

Interiors with modern look

interior design ideas living room table lamps long curtains

The distinctive elements were left

Despite the reconstruction, some particularly striking elements remained still persisted in the interior design. They were, for example, a part of the wooden floor and the ancient stairs. Receive also the Gothic fireplaces, as well as the heavy wooden doors were in the dream home . These make up the background of the Interior in the dream home of Moby until today to a large extent. Inside he put however modern, bright pieces of furniture.

Dining room with stately interiors

dream home Moby dining room great panoramic window wall lights

Modern staircase connects the poles

interior design ideas interior staircase House Moby Hollywood

Mixture of various styles

A mix of many different styles can be found in the home of the Moby. You are American, English, French, German. These are also super individual and original designer solutions. Despite the wealth of details and accessories, everything looks very uniformly.

The bedroom has its own character

interior design ideas House Moby Hollywood bedroom

Bright and spacious

All rooms are very bright and comfortable. The furniture does not oppress the visitors. Here you can breathe freely. Also the typical objects, which represent the character of the owner, write normal somehow in the ambience and not assert themselves.

Original and simple decoration makes living interior design

dream home Moby beautiful views spacious decorative stones

Stylish relaxation corner

interior design ideas House Moby beautiful prospects

The originality is in the details

The originality of the design in the dream home of Moby is in the details. These are the poster, funny graphics, the globes from the various collections. Many architectural drawings are regarded as decoration on the walls.

Globes appear everywhere in the House

interior design ideas House Moby chest of drawers wood floor

Comfortable room with white walls

dream home Moby bedroom styles

Accents on the kitchen wall

dream home musician Moby kitchen white wall tiles kitchen cabinets

The bathroom

The bathroom is very small, but somehow, like the House as a whole also, bright and spacious. By the classical English style elements, reaching a festive-looking mood here, too.

The elegant blend of wood and marble especially helps

dream home Moby bathroom bathtub white paint

Somehow the beautiful Vista is a part of Interior design in this House. Enchanting panoramic images can be viewed from all rooms. The simplicity and the laconic interior design trains make plenty of room for their enjoyment.

Modern House with a unique radiance

interior design ideas House Moby pool Outdoor

You can enjoy beautiful views

dream home Moby Hollywood lifestyle

Great views of the city

dream home Moby Castle Hollywood cool prospects

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