The Feng Shui Living And The So-called Missing Zones

The Feng Shui living and the so-called missing zones

For Feng Shui, the straight and simple forms are the highest priority. You must act consistently and completed. At most of the modern buildings and floor plans, this is so that certain parts missing so to speak if you would start from the basic shapes. According to Feng Shui, this is dangerous for the balance in your home.

The so-called missing zones, can be supplemented by various methods.

Learn in detail how to do it exactly.

According to Feng Shui living

Feng Shui living relax atmosphere


The easiest way to bring more energy into the so called missing zones, is to place one or several mirrors there. They have the ability to attract positive energy by, they reflect the light.

More positive energy

Feng Shui living mirror real place

Decorative wall mirror

Feng Shui living wall mirror shiny Sun wall decoration

Flash notes

To compensate for the lack of energy, you can place various accessories in bold shades. The wall decoration in an accent color has the same effect.

Kitchen in bright green

Feng Shui living green bright kitchen wall color


Integrate brave crystals in your interior design. They are also strong attraction objects for the positive energy.

Crystals attract positive energy

Feng Shui living succulents and crystals positive energy

Pleasant sounds

Not only the coloured decoration, but also that which makes pleasant noises, can set the positive energy in the so-called missing or dead zones.

Perhaps, you can place your music system in such a place.

Wind chimes as decoration send idea in Feng Shui style

Feng Shui home decoration hanging wind chimes

Living objects

Living objects can be an aquarium with fish or houseplants. Other small pets could provide positive energy in the corners. So the energy is really good, which must be well. Take good care of your plants and animals!

Succulents liven up the room noticeably

Feng Shui living vibrant decoration Feng Shui houseplants

Small garden in their own home

Feng Shui Feng Shui living garden ideas


Feng Shui home decorating ideas alive Aquarium

Moving objects

All kinds of furniture and decoration, which are dynamic, flexible and agile, can compensate for the lack of energy in the dead corners in principle. In principle it can be also electrical appliances such as TV or computer is. However, it is important that this not just in the bedroom or elsewhere are, where you need your rest.

Create a small relaxation area only for himself

Feng Shui home Feng Shui luck candles Buddha statue


The colors are a strong means also in this aspect of Feng Shui. The lack of energy can do the bold nuances and especially the red. Here is also the usual warning: do not use this against the other Feng Shui rules! Too much red, for example, in the bedroom can lead to insomnia.

Blending colors

Feng Shui living harmonizing colors

Use your imagination

The Feng Shui rules should not be viewed as a must-have. They have their sense, and if you understand this, you can apply it more practically. The so-called dead or missing zones in Feng Shui is to attract the energy of life. This can be done by the methods, which we have just described. You have also the possibility to embark on different paths for animating these areas. Art, music, funny family pictures – all of these are ideas, which the Feng Shui can not contradict principles and work well for your balanced Interior.

Imagination and creativity

Feng Shui living Asian influence

Buddha statue

Feng Shui living window decoration Buddha statue

Zen-like atmosphere in the garden

Feng Shui living elements shiny garden

A little romance

Feng Shui living candles and plants

Living according to Feng Shui is easy and fun

Feng Shui home decoration Buddha statue wood wall