The Floor Boards Clean And Maintain

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Hardwood floors – tips on how you can properly care for him

The wooden floor leaves always the first impression from our apartment at all who enter our front door. Therefore the cleanliness is very important there if it is very difficult to achieve just due to the intense use of the Hall.

Keep clean the floor in the bedroom

plank floor laying grooming tips

It can calmly a clean floor with floor cushions

plank floor care floor cushions of white side table

The wooden floor care is easy to achieve if you follow some basic rules and ideas in mind in the long run. The most important such do we in our today’s article respond.

Cleaning must be done before you move heavy furniture and appliances

Clean the floor before moving the furniture so as a precautionary measure as you can not vice versa. Many scratches are formed because of the solid piece of dirt on the ground. You could damage the surface while you move heavy pieces of furniture. Yes, it is true that much more dirt left after the moving of furniture. Then you need to just yet even clean.

Properly maintain the wood floor

plank floors floor care beautiful interior design ideas

Hardwood floors in the kitchen

plank floor cleaning grooming tips

Light furniture

From the above information, you can drag arguably itself the conclusion that it’s usually better as far as it goes to lift the furniture rather than push it. You should take particularly care with light furniture pieces. Get someone to help, rather, instead of letting you take the risk, to scratch the floor.

Just beware that you do not damage the floor

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Door mats and carpets

It help very much for the cleanliness of the feature, if place door mats with a rubber backing of the highest quality on the inside and outside. There, a lot of muck then accumulates and this protects the floor from damage. The carpets are a good idea here for the same reason.

Lay a carpet runner

plank floor figures maintain tips home ideas

Scandinavian living room with matching carpet

plank floor laying Suabermachen maintain carpet living room

Check the moisture

Damage to the wooden floor often associated with moisture. Pick an appropriate measuring device and ensure that the moisture at home is up to you in part by 35% and 60%. If necessary, invest in humidifier – dehumidifier system.

Control the humidity in the room

plank floors right maintaining modern white armchair

To properly clean the floor boards

Be also careful with the clean up of the feature. Also, there may be some damage. In many species, steam cleaners, to wet MOP are not such a good idea. In the case of wood and parquet floor just this can swell.

See to that all wet corners disappear

plank floor laying cleaning tips MOP

Splinters and small sharp pieces

Sand and other dirt, E.g. Splitter are slightly more dangerous than the usual dust. You should so often as it goes with the vacuum cleaner be removed. Just as you would avoid mechanically damaging your floor boards .

Clean with a vacuum cleaner or sweep regularly

plank floor laying cleaning vacuum cleaner

Wax and oil

Wax and special liveries are one possible way to protect the upper class of the feature. She’d kept thus better before performing any of mechanical damage. Find out what would be the right remedy for your hardwood floors and regularly applying this.

To maintain the floor with wax or oil

plank floor care living ideas floor

Wipe with a damp sponge

This very primitive and realized by hand method is often the best thing you can do for the boards care. So you don’t miss out just the little corners and places. Keep hand a cloth or other material, to wipe off the excess moisture.

Regularly clean the floor in the children’s room

plank floor laying right care nursery design

Do our best to follow all of the rules described here is one month. Then is about a habit that would cost you with little effort. You will as a price for your trouble just have a clean floor and entry into the home will always enjoy!

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