The French Country House Style – 33 Installation Examples

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French country house style décor

Together as a great combination represent elegance and rural way of life. Find them in the French variant of the device in the country house style!

Country-style facility for the Hall

Setup cottage style Hall set up ideas franz; classical style

There you will discover the perfect balance between beauty and comfort. A quite sophisticated look can be reached through the use of simple materials and articles.

, How to make an upscale bedroom French-style country style interior design ideas

interior design ideas bedroom furnishings bedrooms Bank bed canopies

Blurry lines

Original nuances of white and wood dominate in the French establishment. Thus, the lines are blurred, and this makes the atmosphere something mystical and dreamy. Put striking but not too Flash accents. Green colors – in the form of plants or sophisticated dishes in open shelves would be a great opportunity.

French style white

country-style white furnishings French style

The gentle accents can include also blue. Paintings on ceramic fit perfectly. The tiles back wall in Mediterranean style are ideal.

Discreet blue accents

Setup cottage style bedroom set beautiful bed linen

Antique linen and decoration for some conservatism

The bed linen and decoration in an antique style would be another way for the individualization of the establishment in the French country style. Elements executed in gold the pictorial representations are particularly elegant. With these, the atmosphere acts but of course something conservative.

Create stylish bedroom design and bright colours

furnishing ideas home ideas bedroom white linens

Modern look

For a more modern look, you can choose a neutral shade of blue for the front of the cabinets, and perhaps for the backs. Combine with original white shades and wood. So they create a real current broadcasting but still well inscribed in the French country house style.

Emphasize the presence of the elements

The components with a rural feel – about the wooden beams, should see clear in country-style. You can install wallpapers with brick pattern as rear wall decoration or reveal a real brick wall once the building of such is made.

Brick wall and plants provide a fresh appearance of the kitchen

furnishing ideas home ideas kitchen wall blumendeko

Wicker furniture and accessories

Woven furniture, decoration, why not light also are a typical element of the French country house style. They are committed clearly to this, if you use them in your interior design. Rope and other rough materials are also a part of this institution.

French style outdoor

country-style French style garden ideas

Floating elaborate decoration for feminine radiance

The floating chandelier and floor-to-ceiling curtains are typically French valuable touches in the Interior. Not forget them in your interior, if you want to show a feminine variant of this style.

Beautiful chandelier lends a fine dining area

elegant country-style French furniture dining room

French style with vintage items

furnishing ideas decode dining room flower decode French style

Vintage items

The vintage are of essential importance for the French country house style décor. Collections of objects in glass cabinets fit perfectly to the ambience. Vintage pictures above the fireplace and next to a wall mirror are also typical.

Vintage decorating for the living room

set up French country-style living room plant carpet

Refined rough furnishing elements

Mirror frames and other rough, ancient items that get a new life through a restoration, your country house style will give a finished look.

Comfortable living area in the French style

furnishing ideas home ideas wohznimmer French style

Fresh floral pattern

Setup rustic French style bedroom floral pattern

Select mild light green color for living room furniture

institution country-style French style living room

Accents in blue

decor rustic kitchen French style blue items

Wooden beams and stone walls make this living room

interior design ideas living room set up stone fireplace wall

Long curtains in Brown put a dark accent in the bedroom

furnishing ideas decode bedroom French style wall decode long brown curtains

Combine different patterns

country-style French style home ideas living room

The beams are typical of this style

furnishing ideas decode living ideas living room stone candles beautiful pattern wall

Rural French style cuisine

Setup rustic French style kitchen of Raffen Rollo flowers

Typical furniture design

furnishing ideas decode living ideas bedroom French style

Elegant dining area in the French style

furnishing ideas decode dining room dining table white carpet

Decorate the open shelves with tableware

furnishing ideas decode tableware pattern living ideas

Plants are a universal decoration

furnishing ideas decode living room fireplace plant

country-style dining French style beige

country-style French style kitchen dining room

country-style French style bedroom flower pattern

country-style French style home ideas kitchen Raffen Rollo carpet small kitchen

country-style French cuisine wood

country-style French dining room set up ideas

set up French country-style pale yellow walls blue stripes

country-style kitchen set up green beige kitchen island kitchen cabinets

interior design ideas kitchen French style white establishment

country-style kitchen set up recessed fruits flowers

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