The House Set Up According To Feng Shui, And Avoid The “lucky Charm”

The “unfortunate” objects according to Feng Shui rules and other superstitions

If teaching and the rules for the Interior only now go Feng Shui into that, prefer to start what you should avoid in the Interior. There are items that are considered “Lucky charm”.  Here is a list of those! It is not complete, includes but to a large extent these articles that occur widely in the usual apartments.

A broken clock is not a good luck charm

feng schui set clock

Feng Shui set up – all broken watches must right away!

gerbroche clock set up feng shui

Broken items in the apartment are basically to avoid. But a watch is particularly bad. It might get very many diseases, and even death in the family. Fix them, sell their parts, or just throw them away!

Set up Feng Shui – a black door

feng schui set black door

Best vezichten you on the black doors in your home

black door superstition

Black doors can look very elegant, but if we follow the Feng Shui rules, these should be avoided. This might bring misfortune to go home, it is believed. Maybe to choose instead of grey or dark blue that apply in modern design as an alternative of the black?

Set up Feng Shui – the role of the mirror

mirror modern home auberglaube

Set up Feng Shui – mirror must be used with caution

mirror reflection

The mirror bring misfortune to the House actually?

set mirror home feng shui

Not only the broken mirror will bring bad luck. In the Feng Shui tradition it is believed that they can steal souls. In the Victorian tradition, for example, mirrors are covered so the death of a man in the House with fabric. Mirror must be used very carefully because of this and especially in bedrooms and other rooms of rest and relaxation to be dodged.

An old calendar

old calendar home

old calendar for home

An old calendar or such, which was not open to the current date, could bring also bad luck according to Feng Shui. This holds in the past and negatively impacted your life. Also an established belief in Feng Shui.

Broken crockery

broken crockery

broken crockery set up examination shui

In the traditions of many Nations means breaking the crockery of happiness, but keeping the already broken items – just the opposite. Why is that? In the Feng Shui philosophy symbolizes the dishes the welfare and the family. You eat, or drink of broken plates and cups, good processes will evolve a little more difficult.

Rotten plants have no place more in your home

rotten plant

Could not take care of a plant and throw them rotten, they prefer immediately away. Don’t wait for the ‘miracle’, because in the meantime she will bring only bad energy and problems in the House.

Green walls are not a good idea for Feng Shui

Green walls

Just avoid the green color

green walls of superstition

This superstition is widespread

green walls beadezimmer

Green walls are often recommended by interior designers. If you but in your inner realisations of the Feng Shui guide rules, you should not be able to follow this advice.  According to this tradition in establishing green walls bring bad luck. The same superstition is often represented in the United Kingdom and the United States.

The rocking chair have to unfortunately go


Avoid rocking chairs and set up according to Feng Shui

rocking chair

According to Feng Shui, the rocking chair attracts dark magical powers. This superstition is rooted in the Irish tradition. There’s a solution: once the Chair is not occupied, you can decorate it with cushion and other objects. So the evil spirits can find no place to sit there.

Follow the Feng Shui rules and our practical tips to dispel misfortune from your home!

Just follow our tips! Maybe you feel better then in the relaxing and soothing atmosphere of your home

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