The Interior Design Modernize – 10 Tips Of Covers Renovating The Interior

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Modernize the Interior Design – 10 tips for the renovation of the Interior

Ten urgent renewal ideas for your home

How often exchange the clothes in your wardrobe, to be in step with fashion? Regularly, or? You must do the same in your home.

In the event of a future sale this investment will pay off necessarily. You must take constant renewals, no matter whether this is your first or second home. Thinking in time to modernise and you will have plenty of time prior to the sale.

In addition I use the word “Trends” much better as ‘Style’. Because style is something static for me and the trends are processes. On the latter, you rather have an effect. Creative people like us, love it actively to shape, or?

But back to the practical: the investment in design is something very clever. They increase the value of the apartment.

Improvements in the apartment

interior design modernization remodeling interior design classic

It should be noted again here: In the case of a renovated apartment, you have much less work during a sale. Imagine yourself in the position of the buyer! A well-preserved apartment attracts more buyers and sold much more quickly and at a better price.

Perhaps no shopping is available in the nearest future. Maybe you live in an apartment or home of your dreams and you want to remain there for the next 30 or 50 years.

In all cases, you must consider the following: the outdated apartment makes a similar impression on others such as the old-fashioned dresses. So, the renovations are a must!

Does your home need right now some renovations? Then join for this! There is something fundamental and not a luxury.

Many people live in old homes, because they have purchased them at a very reasonable price. In this case, even the smallest improvements increase the value of the piece of real estate.

The pleasure will be assured. Don’t wait until the sale to make these changes! Why must someone else enjoy the fruits of your labor?

1 coloured fittings

You need not the “fashionable” pieces from the childhood of your grandparents in your home! Throw all colored tiles from the time of our parents out.

Monochromatic colors and textures in the bathroom – Feng Shui Setup

modernize interior design design remodeling Interior

With the help of a hammer, you should remove immediately all pink, yellow and lilac tiles. Then replace them with the eternally fashionable white colour. These tiles will be much more up-to-date. You do not need the baby bathtubs and toilets if your child is already an adult. You can get a colorful appearance by painting the walls, works of art, rugs and towels.

2. scatter avocado and mustard shades

You now think: to use avocado and mustard for the salad and not for the equipment! However, you can use these nuances largely for updating an outdated kitchen.

Kitchen design – attractive tile mirror

interior design modernization remodeling Interior kitchen

Stainless steel and white furniture will lend a boyish look of the kitchen and their magic will not take a long time! A layer with color on the walls and cabinets can also wonderfully transform the room.

3. I’m sorry, but the wooden panel must be gone also!

The rooms with wood paneling appear older than they actually are. This must be removed for modernization. Then you would have to paint the walls in a fresh color. This will liven up the room and in some cases change beyond recognition.

Classically decorated dining room – dining chairs with high backs

interior design modernization remodeling Interior dining room

Then, fill the empty-appearing area with ornaments and pictures.

4. remove all “faux” surfaces

These were popular in the 1980s. At that time, you could find them practically in all the houses. These were represented either as a wallpaper or painting directly on the wall. That may have had an effect in the case of Ralph Laurens 30 years ago, but now it is outdated for ever.

You will be surprised by the incredible power of this simple transformation

interior design modernization remodeling interior wall decoration

This is old, tired and she must urgently get out from your interior!

I eventually moved into an apartment with “faux”-like areas. I found these on the walls and the fireplace. To our surprise, a real marble is hidden under the “faux” marble. Today we can not tell us why for God’s sake someone has set up something! Of course, we have promptly removed the “faux” marble. Now we can enjoy the original!

Of course, we have new painted the “faux” walls.

5. leave the red carpet the people in Hollywood

These carpets do not fit in a cozy house. Tear old carpets on the last. The carpets are something that will make your home appear immediately old. The hardwood floors are beautiful enough to be left partially or completely open.

Plus your home will seem friendlier you and your guests

modernize interior design interiors white color

Have you still not hardwood floors? Then install that! Not that goes around in your case? Then opt for a rug made of durable materials. These are less through the dirt and damaged the running and we will be easier to maintain your home. In case of doubt, rather put on the natural colors.

6. replace your kitchen countertops

The old, weathered and shabby work surfaces must be replaced urgently. The new pieces will refresh the look and the joint atmosphere in the kitchen.

There is everywhere many cheap and chic options, that will cost you virtually nothing

modernize interior design massive wood Möblierun

Don’t wait for the signs of destiny (i.e. until they break) to realize this.

7. decorate your home with accessories

The accessories are small, but you can be both strong and influential. Replace and replace the old handles of the drawers and the cabinets. The brushed metal and chrome show a great stamina. The brass will also return. Look for clear lines and refined shapes.

Replace also the valves and handles in the bathroom and in the kitchen

interior design modernize white kitchens set up

Omit the fingers by appearing too trendy pieces.

8. Remove also the wallpaper borders

The wallpaper borders were very popular in the 1980s. They are not only outdated, but look in most rooms a just dumb. You can still somehow fit well in a child’s room. So, we leave out the discussion! You must clear away!

A corner in the nursery – bright ambience and pastel colors

interior design modernization remodeling Interior nursery

9 way with the old lighting

No matter whether it is the wall lights or the lights are attached to the ceiling, the old pieces have to go! Rather replace them with modern lighting. Ask any designer and he will emphasize the importance of light for the room immediately. The amount of penetrating light into your home sets modern accents. This can create an atmosphere that is both relaxing and productive.

With the new models you can bring much easier fluorescents light, however

interior design modernize classic accents decorative motifs

This is very probably also contribute to a better lighting in your home. The old models have mostly light bulbs with sizes that are rarely available.

10 delete

This can prove to be both as the easiest and the most difficult task. The walls must be painted new every few years. Hardly anything can appear dirty apartment, than the weathered walls. According to many, one should use wallpapers with a neutral color in such cases. But let not affect! You should run the walls in the colour of your choice. This will then reflect your personality and you will feel there’s also much more comfortable.

The large distribution of colors is essential

interior design modernize classic accents bookshelves

The bright pink color fits better into the children in the living room. This is much more practical, if at some point there will be a sale. Then the real estate seller will advise likely to delete everything in neutral colors.

And now get to work! Perform a few of these small improvements to achieve a major change and modernization in your apartment.

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