The Interior Designer Robert Passal And Its Unique Interior Design

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interior designers Robert Passal interior design examples

Robert Passal – the ingenious interior designers of contrasts

Robert Passal is currently one of the most famous names in the very famous Interior fitters. He belongs to those people who are drawing very heavily on the public’s attention. His work is characterized by a particularly high character.

The interior designer Robert Passal

interior designers Robert Passal designer ideas

This is all the more valuable, because it allows to Flash combinations and blends. Contemporary and strange elements occur in its many features. He risked so, but this is never at the expense of high level. Because the latter is internalized by him just.

Creative wall design in color

interior designers Robert Passal living room interior design

Love the rarity

We turn to these special characteristics in the design of Passal. According to his words, he feels attracted by the beautiful old and rare items from a very young age. For hours he could reside on the respective markets. No wonder that was his first job in a bookstore.

Classic ornaments

interior designers Robert Passal Wanddeko ideas

A cozy dining area

interior designers Robert Passal mural dining area

A private company since 2000

2000 he founded their own company. Its absolutely non-trivial point of view on it, how you must pick out furniture and integrate them, drew quickly many loyal customers to him. His clients now include many well-known people from New York in addition to the ordinary people.

Create a relaxing atmosphere

interior designers Robert Passal read and Entspannugsecke

Individual approach

The individual approach is a typical indicator when a passel of even in the smallest. As interior designers, he was also interested of the life of the customer. The customer in the design can be found at the end of the day, but the stroke of the designer is also there.

Children’s room in bright red

interior designers Robert Passal nursery in red

Traditional elements

Tradition and contemporary elements are intertwined in the factory by Passal. He brings strange objects, Flash decoration and works of popular brands to use. You can experience an IKEA wardrobe and antique statue in the same room.

Classical elements

interior designers Robert Passal living room designs

Living room in traditional style

interior designers Robert Passal living room fireplace modern

Elegant and tasteful

If you look at this mix of details, styles, also price ranges, it is all the more surprising as the designs of Passal can appear so tasteful and high class side. Through the art of its design, the interior designers of this detail distracts us. We no longer know what age and what modern is among the elements.

Harmony and chic elegance

interior designers Robert Passal Innnendesign modern

Fresh colour scheme

interior designers Robert Passal Innnendesign modern bedroom

The contrast disappear in unity

Not self-serving Passal design seems to be combining together contrasting objects. It is a means. He finds the binding properties on the items and knits them together in a perfect uniform combination. It’s up to the specific atmosphere, which brings an object with it. As well as at the personalities also. For this reason, Passal cheap buys some items and he creates others with his own hands.

Combining contrasting elements

interior designers Robert Passal of design Wohnzimmeer

Today, the interior designer Robert Passal of one of the 20 best is in his industry. He is also very prestigious awards, such as those of Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times. In all, he runs the contrast, and his power.

In pop art style

interior designers Robert Passal Popart style

Classic wallpaper pattern

interior designers Robert Passal bedroom bed blue

Cosy terrace design

interior designers Robert Passal patio design ideas

Comfortable upholstered furniture

interior designers Robert Passal living room furniture

Slight maritime accents

interior designers Robert Passal colour scheme ideas blue

SFERRA & Robert Passal – Pillow talk

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